Saturday 4 April 2015


Twitter chats for bloggers

Hi everyone! I hope you're all well and enjoying the Easter bank holiday!

This post is all about, as you might've guessed, a new Twitter chat for all bloggers

A few months ago, when introducing the new part of #TakeBackWhatsYours campaign, I decided it would be so much fun to start a new Twitter chat for it. It's another way for us all to connect, chat and share experiences and generally help us all feel great, empowered and motivated which is the main message of my campaign. I've hosted Twitter chats in the past & really enjoyed it, so I thought to myself, why not start one for #TakeBackWhatsYours?

Some topics which will be covered each week are as follows; 
  • Self-esteem and low confidence
  • Setting goals and learning how to achieve them
  • Turning dreams into reality 
  • Taking back your life & gaining control
  • Anxiety
  • Motivation
  • Diabetes & other medical problems
  • Health, fitness & food
  • School/University/Careers
  • Blogging, blog tips, SEO, traffic, engagement, events, working with brands
  • Beauty/fashion/lifestyle/interior/food/travel/books/tv/films

I would love for you to also tweet me topic requests to get us going and for us to have a good few weeks of chat topics lined up so we all know what's going on and what to expect!

The hashtag will be '#TBWY' instead of #TakeBackWhatsYours (for character restrictions) and the Twitter account questions will be asked from @TBWYCampaign

I'm still a little bit unsure of what day to definitely hold the chat because there are quite a few that go on and I want to make sure it fits in best around the other chats! Please tweet me day and time suggestions and I'll decide for sure ASAP - I was thinking possibly a Friday/Saturday/Sunday evening around 9pm! I will update you all as soon as I have set a day for sure so keep an eye on @ChloesConcept, @TBWYCampaign and here because I'll be posting about it on all three!

I love Twitter chats but I want this one to be slightly different. For example, at the beginning of the chat, the first question I might ask could be for you all to tweet a picture of your favourite quote, or of a quote you're loving at the moment. This will be just to kick things off and get everyone feeling hopeful, motivated and inspired! 

If you'd be interested in "tuning in" for this #TBWY chat, please let me know so I know how many would be keen for this and I'll get to work straight away as I'm really excited to get this going!

Get in touch! 

Email: /

Chloe x


  1. Chloe this is great! I'm so glad you're going to go ahead and I'll definitely be joining!xx

    1. Thank you, Adele!! I'm so motivated to get this going so I really hope to see you joining in! Xxx

  2. This sounds great! It will be so nice to chat about something a bit different from the usual. Xx

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! I hope you join in - will be lovely to chat! x

  3. Oooh this is such an awesome idea Chloe, always nice to have positive and motivating chats. I think after 9pm is a good time because not as many chats are on at that time. I'll definitely get involved when I can, the topic ideas all sound great.

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine // I’d love it if you entered my Blog Birthday Lifestyle Giveaway

    1. Thanks Emma! I was hoping that people would be interested in the idea! I agree, after 9 would likely work best as you said, there aren't as many chats on at that time! That would be great, I'd love for you to get involved! Thanks for your comment, Emma!


  4. Count me in too! Such a great idea, and love the topics too
    Adele x

    1. Yay! So glad to hear you're going to join in! I'll keep everyone posted once a day and time is decided for sure! Thank you, Adele! xx

    2. Yay! So glad to hear you're going to join in! I'll keep everyone posted once a day and time is decided for sure! Thank you, Adele! xx

  5. Only just seen this post and I will be joining in from now on sounds like a lovely twitter chat especially posting a quote!x