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Too Sweet - The Not So Serious Side To Diabetes

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Recently, I was super lucky to interview Laura Kronen who is a life coach and also author of the recently published book 'Too Sweet - The Not-So-Serious Side to Diabetes'. 

I'm really excited to share this interview with you as I really agree with everything Laura talks about in regards to how diabetes as an illness is viewed, so I hope you like it!

Laura Kronen

So Laura, can you first of all give me a little brief about your life and what you do?

I am the author of Too Sweet: The Not-So-Serious Side to Diabetes and the founder of transformational life coaching company Be You Only Better.  I specialize in working with young people with diabetes who need to improve their a1c levels and their outlook on living with the disease.  I also maintain a strong focus on working with entrepreneurs to develop new businesses as well as training others to become life coaches while attending my Institute of Life Coaching.  Helping people to lead fulfilling and happy lives is my biggest passion.

I'm also a type 1 diabetic for over 20 years, the mom to two beautiful boys, a tennis addict and a lifetime entrepreneur who has developed several innovative products into the marketplace.  I am originally from NYC, where I began my career in public relations and marketing and now reside in sunny Atlanta, Georgia.  

As a fellow diabetic type 1, I feel that we have so much in common in regards to the passion we have to bring real awareness to the medical condition, diabetes. It's so important to focus on actually helping people who are dealing with this condition through positive words of encouragement rather than scaring them with all the possible later life complications and myths. That is the reason I incorporate diabetes into my 'Take Back What's Yours' campaign as I don't feel that there's enough support out there for people going through this condition and there isn't enough encouragement and support for people who have newly been diagnosed. There seems to be a massive influx of scary information rather than a boost of positivity and encouragement to help them on their way. What's your view on this?

That is exactly why I wrote Too Sweet: The Not-So-Serious Side to Diabetes.  For 20 years, all I read was doom and gloom and depressing talk about complications and the limitations that diabetes brings.  350 million people around the world are living with this disease and we deserve to be able to see the lighter side. Too Sweet makes you feel understood, that you aren't in this alone, and most importantly lets you smile and laugh about what you are dealing with. You can live a long and healthy life with diabetes and even use it to be a platform to give you the determination you need to succeed in so many other areas.

You've recently published your own book, 'Too Sweet – The Not So Serious Side to Diabetes' which is all about the ins and outs of diabetes from a point of view of an actual diabetic rather than a medical professional, was this your intention from the start?

I always found that the only person who could truly understand what I go through on a daily basis was another diabetic.  My doctor, my parents, my family, and my friends could never quite grasp so much of what I experience every day.  For example, no one else can quite fathom what it feels like when you have a really low blood sugar and get the feeling that your tongue is on pins and needles. My intention was to take all of those "strange" experiences and put them together to give someone with diabetes a fun escape and a reading experience that they could really relate to and even laugh about!  

What motivated you to write this book?

I believe that positive attracts positive. I wanted to share my view on diabetes knowing that it can motivate and inspire you. It really comes down to how you think about it. Let's face it, if I had a choice, would I keep this disease?  No! I'd trade it in in a hot minute.  However, I do have a choice as to how I take care of myself and what attitude I have towards it. THAT is the focus of my book.

That is so true, diabetics need to remember that they are in charge of  how they take care of themselves and what their attitude towards the illness is. What are some of the topics you cover?

Too Sweet takes a lighthearted look at: Diabetic Myth-busting, The Different Types of Low and High Blood Sugars, The Constant Questions that Run Through a Diabetics Head, Public Displays of Diabetes, Powerfoods, and much more. I also have a chapter that focuses on how to use diabetes to empower you - I call it the "Sugar Coated Lining.  

I like that, 'Sugar Coated Lining'! So do you think you've got your message across in this book?

Yes, the message is very clear. Diabetes is certainly a very serious disease, and insulin is our lifesaver, but sometimes laughter and a positive attitude is the best medicine there is. 
I think you're right, diabetes is so serious and sometimes it can give you quite a negative outlook on life, however laughter is the best medicine and sometimes you have to just accept diabetes and try and stay positive. Can you tell me how long it took you to write?

It took me about 2 years to complete Too Sweet. I was writing three book simultaneously and decided to turn my focus to the one I had the most passion for and that was Too Sweet. I also life coach full time and have two young boys to keep me busy!

Did you find any challenges when writing this book?

I was writing a book that would be relevant for both type 1 and type 2, so I found that balance challenging.  At the end of the day, it is definitely heavily weighted with type 1 diabetes stories and information, but both types can relate and be inspired by Too Sweet
So as a life coach and author (as well as being an entrepreneur!) on various topics as well as diabetes, what is your diabetic lifestyle like?

I don't remember what living without diabetes was like. I have my highs and lows (literally) but overall I am completely accepting that this is what I have been given and I need to not let it get the best of me.  I control this disease, it does not control me.  And for the times that there is a power struggle (because that does occur!) I never let it win.  

Sometimes diabetes isn't taken as seriously as it should be by the media and by individuals. What's your view on this?

That is one of the many reasons I am out there trying to create awareness through my book, social media and the press.  Diabetes is a disease of epic proportions.  It affects a huge percentage of our world population.  If diabetes got as much press as the three people who had ebola in the US, we would live in a much more informed and empathetic society. As diabetics, when we feel terrible, we don't "look sick,", so not many people can even begin to understand the effect diabetes is actually having on us. You need to create emotion to get a response on a broad level, and diabetes is a hard disease to create that with. 

Do you have any advice for my readers who have newly been diagnosed or are having trouble living with this condition?

Educate yourself by getting as much information as you can. Take charge of your health; this is a disease that requires day to day management, not just bi-annual doctor visits.  You are your best advocate and your best management system.  Keep a positive attitude.  You can have your moments of sadness or anger or frustration about diabetes, but don't let it consume you.  You can make a deliberate choice to feel bad for yourself or use the disease to make you stronger.  When you accept what you cannot change, and desire to live the best life possible, things get a lot easier.  

Thank you so much, Laura! I completely agree that you need to try and stay positive about this illness, even when you feel you're at your lowest point. Don't let diabetes control you, remember that you have total control in this situation.

I hope you enjoyed reading this interview and if you're keen to read Laura's new book, you can purchase it here on Amazon!

Also, please have a look at Laura's life coaching website, Be You Only Better

If you wanted to check out her Twitter account, you can do so here!

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