Monday 25 May 2015

Adlet's New Brand Promotion Service & Sweet Cecily's Elderflower & Almond Hand Cream

Hi everyone!

Today's post is a review on a wonderful hand cream I was sent through Adlet's new Brand Product Review service.

If you haven't heard of Adlet, I have a few posts all about it linked here and here. Adlet offers bloggers and brands to collaborate by brands purchasing ad spaces on blogs, but a new service Adlet has introduced furthers the ability for bloggers and brands to collaborate. This service allows brands to publish products on Adlet's site for bloggers to pitch to review. So if you're a blogger, make sure you're signed up to Adlet (all free!) and you can start working with brands right away, whether it's by selling ad spaces or reviewing products! Here's a little post on the Adlet blog on how this new service works with a step-by-step guide.

Now, onto the product!

hand cream

This Sweet Cecily's Elderflower & Almond hand cream is so perfect for me, it's unreal! I've got very dry hands and extreme dry patches around the knuckles at times... one of those times being now. This cream soothes the dryness with its silky smooth formula and I am in love with the scent of this hand cream! I used it in the office last week and kept opening it every now and again to apply the hand cream just so I could smell the divine scent (and getting silky smooth hands into the bargain!) I can only describe the scent as what it's like when you walk into a candle shop... utter bliss! Also, all of their products are not tested on animals and are free from parabens which is amazing!

I highly recommend this hand cream and I'd also recommend checking out their site because it's super unique and quirky!

sweet cecily's hand cream

Don't forget to check out Adlet's new service before you go, it's definitely worth it!

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  1. Hi!

    I just got this cream through Adlet as well, Love it! x Ania

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