Friday 24 July 2015


Hi everyone!

So as you may or may not know, I think I could open my own foundation shop. I've tried every single drug store foundation on the market (trust me) and I've also dabbled in a few expensive ones (Nars probably being my favourite!) but none has came close to doing everything I want.

Without foundation, I've got highly pigmented skin; very red and very noticeable and it makes me extremely self-concious! I don't want a thick foundation just for the sake of covering it all and I don't want to look like I've dipped my face into some heavy-duty paint! I want a natural, sheer coverage which matches my skin tone (that's another thing, my skin tone it extremely hard to match to foundations, due to the redness!)

With the summer finally arriving in Britain (supposedly), a couple of weeks ago I decided it was time to try again to find the "perfect" foundation. I liked the looks of the Bare Minerals new(ish) foundation; the complexion rescue one? I tested that and tried to persuade myself it would work but I was left feeling disappointed and wanting to give up again!

On the way out of Boots that day, I walked through the skin care isle and found myself hovering by the Vichy Dermablend range; the range I had looked at briefly a few months ago but dismissed it without giving it a try. I don't know why I thought to test this one because I felt that it would just be another tinted moisturiser with not enough coverage (with it being situated in the skin care section). I tested it on my hand (I know, you should never do that) and left the shop, continuing on with my day. After a couple of hours, it was still on the back of my hand and made me wonder whether it would be worth having a better look at it.

That night I went home and did some research (as we bloggers do) and spent what I think must've been a good hour watching YouTube videos from people who had tried it. The reviews were amazing and I found it hard not to believe it would work for me too but kept in mind the bad luck I always have with foundations...

The next day, I decided to take the plunge and purchase the £18, 30ml squeezy bottle and rushed home to try it. I honestly have never seen such amazing results. I needed about two squeezes of the bottle to cover my whole face and covered it, it did! This foundation is high coverage but not thick and has a light sheen to it so it left a natural (not too matte and not too sheer) finish to my face.

Some of the videos on YouTube mentioned the colours were a little off and whilst I agree, there is not a huge collection of colours to choose from, the colour Opal matched my skin perfectly. In fact, it matched it better than any other foundation I've tried (and had tested professionally)!

There are only two criticisms I've got when it comes to this foundation and they are as follows:

The foundation is quite transferable. Touch your face? It's likely you'll find excess foundation on your hands...and possibly your clothes for that matter (if you dress after you put your makeup on).

Secondly, I've had a couple of breakouts since using this foundation and whilst I can't be 100% sure it's because of this foundation, I didn't often have breakouts before using it. I know this should make me steer clear of it for a while to test if it is because of this foundation or not, but I just find this foundation so easy and quick to use as well as so blend-able and long-lasting, I literally don't ever want to use any other foundation!

So that is my Vichy Dermablend foundation review! Oh and before I go, this foundation comes in a liquid (in a squeezy bottle like I've got) and also in a foundation stick, however I've heard the foundation stick provides a much heavier coverage and is of a thicker consistency. Also the colour choices are called the same in both the bottle and stick however the stick is quite a lot darker in each colour!

I hope this review was of help if you're looking for a perfect foundation! 

Let me know if you've tried this one before and what you think of it!

Chloe x