Saturday 28 March 2015


This post has three great tips on products which promote hair growth and how you can get healthy hair in the matter of weeks!

As you might know, I love a good hair care post. I've done many current hair care routines and I've tried every product under the sun to help turn my hair from a damaged and brittle wreck into healthy and long, like mine used to be about 18 months ago. Why did it turn into a damaged and brittle wreck? I won't go into detail (check my other hair posts which explains more!) but it was because I used heat on my hair every day without heat protection AND I used extensions for volume. It wrecked my hair so much that it completely ripped out my hair from the roots in some places (luckily not noticeable but nevertheless, it left me regretting the day I ever started using extensions or extensive heat use).

So I've got three of my current top products for boosting hair growth whilst replenishing your dry and damaged locks. I have to say, my hair has never felt healthier now that I've been using these products and I've noticed a huge amount of hair growth on the area of my scalp in which the extensions ripped out.

We've all heard of Alpecin, right? Their shampoo is one of my absolute favourites for stimulating the hair follicles and I always notice hair growth when using the shampoo everytime I wash my hair (after a couple of weeks obviously! Not in a Rapunzel kind of way!)

So when I went to buy another bottle of the shampoo, I decided to pick up the Alpecin Caffeine Liquid Hair Energizer (£7.49). It's like a hair tonic and it's the same texture as water, so it just feels like you're pouring water on your scalp. I really should have taken a picture without the lid on so you could see the nozzle but my camera was running out of battery and I had to quickly take the pictures before it died as I've currently "misplaced" (lost) the charger. Basically it is like a nozzle which lets you directly apply the product to your scalp. I then turn my head upside down and massage my scalp just to help the process!

Growing long and healthy hair

The next product is for turning your dry and damaged locks (which look all splitty at the end) into soft, glossy and repaired strands and it's the OGX Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Penetrating OilI've tried and tested countless oils, the majority with some form of argan oil ingredient in them but all to no avail. I don't particularly like spray ones (even though I've tried those too) because they don't seem to be very thick in consistency and if you've got badly damaged hair, you'll need a thicker consistency. I've tried pouring out ones (I'm sure there's a better name for that but I've got my Saturday brain on), and they aren't thick enough either but this one is just right. It's thick (but not unmanageable!) and it's super easy to apply and it also doesn't dry into your hair straight away (no matter how dry your hair is), which I love because it sits on my hair for awhile without immediately drying in and making you feel like you've got to apply more!

Growing long and healthy hair

Finally, we have the miracle of all three. Castor Oil. Yep, this is for sure a miracle. Remember earlier when I said I noticed a huge amount of hair regrowth in the area the extensions pulled out? That is down to this bottle of goodness. Beware, it's difficult to work with, it's thick, sticky and smells a bit odd but it's definitely worth it for the results. I have a little trick to make it a bit more manageable and to make it smell a bit nicer...mix it with a little bit of the oil I mentioned previously and you've got a great balance! I've noticed a good inch and a bit growth in the area the extensions yanked out. You can also use this on eyelashes and your eyebrows if you wanted to! I got this from Holland and Barrett for £9 odd but I think you can get it cheaper on the internet! 

Growing long and healthy hair

There we have it! My 3 miracle products to get that swoosh-worthy hair!

What products do you find helpful to promote hair growth and length?

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Friday 20 March 2015


Hi everyone!

I've been trying to write a post all about life ambitions and plans for awhile now but struggled to get words onto a page which made *some* sense. I hope you can kind of understand what I'm trying to explain!

At the ripe old age of 22 (next month) and after just being given my graduation date, it's hit me like a tonne of bricks that no longer will I be in full-time education; writing essays, working on projects, getting up at the crack of dawn for 9am classes (in which only a handful of us ever turned up for and I deeply regretted leaving my warm and toasty bed for) and stressing myself until I'm ill over exams.

Yes, I agree, those are the bummer times of being in education but what about the good times? Not having to worry about money, what you were going to be when you're "older" and seeing your friends. Before starting university, I made myself stay back a year to really think about what I wanted to study and I'm so happy I did. Even though most of my friends left to go on and pursue jobs and university life themselves, I stayed and changed my mind about 100 times before I wrote my personal statement and sent it off to the courses I thought I'd enjoy. 

After deciding to study Media (which contrary to popular belief, ISN'T just watching films all day long), I was so excited to leave sixth form behind and begin my journey of learning about something I had a great interest in. After applying to uni to learn about filmography and film production (I was certain I wanted to produce films and film trailers) I found myself on the path of PR, marketing and advertising. I think I fine tuned my passion for creativity and the idea of learning about advertising and branding and whatnot and realised that maybe this was all done for a reason... staying back a year, trusting my instinct and applying to study about directing films and then winding up on the route of what I truly believe I'm meant to be doing.

I know so many people (including myself) who has had their next 5-10 years mapped out, yet are all in the same position of "life is what happens when you're busy making other plans". Yes, it's good to have goals, it's good to have dreams and aspirations too because they keep us motivated, driven, inspired and happy but you must keep in mind that things are going to land on your path which you might have to deal with first which might make you have to take a detour. 

I think the message of this post is to know that when you think you've got it all sussed out, you haven't or at least it's very unlikely that you do. And that's not in a negative way whatsoever. It's a good thing. I was convinced I was going to move to California when I was sixteen (after visiting there on a school trip - see, education has it's benefits!) yet here I am, still living in my hometown with no real plans to move away in the foreseeable future. 

Los Angeles 2010 - Please don't judge how I look, I was clearly loving life!

That's not because I don't want to, it's because whilst living your life, things happen which can be good things and not so good things, nevertheless, things. These things can make you put your plans on hold or make you realise they aren't feasible or realistic just yet. Like I said, this isn't necessarily a bad thing, it can make you realise "oh I'm glad I didn't end up doing that because something better has happened" or "I've changed my mind completely from what I thought I wanted to do years ago, thank goodness for that" for example.

Sometimes I think back to when I was 16 (even though I'm aware it wasn't THAT long ago) and wish I could go back to when I didn't have to think about things you have to think about, now being 22; money, student debt, jobs, the fact that you've apparently just about passed the "best days of your life" (although when I was in school, I definitely disagreed with people who told me I'd look back to miss them).

I never in a million years thought that I'd be writing this blog post, or own my own blog even but I'm 100% happy I am because it's allowed me to explore so many different avenues I didn't even realise was possible.

So yes, this is just a little post about staying positive even when plans don't materialise. It doesn't mean they never will and it could mean that it was done for the best and you might not see it right now, but in a year or two you'll see why...

I believe behind every cloud is a silver lining and I hope you feel a little bit more motivated or inspired or at least content that if you're feeling a bit like you're stuck in a rut, you DON'T have to because there are always options and your life plans aren't set in stone so do what you want and do whatever makes you happy because life is far too short!

I took this whilst in California. As I took it, I thought it was some sort of omen because I was convinced I was going to move there soon!

I've been loving this quote a lot lately. It kind of inspired me to continue writing this post!

If you've ever felt stuck in a rut during the time of leaving education and jumping into the big scary world, what are your words of wisdom?

As always, thank you for reading everyone and hope to see you in the next post!

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Sunday 8 March 2015


Lancome Hypenose Doll Eyes

Hello everyone!

Here's a little & quick review of a mascara I've been loving ever since I tried it. It's the Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara. It comes in a set with an eyeliner and eye makeup remover too!

What is so special about this mascara? The wand. I have awful trouble finding a mascara with a great wand on it. This wand is amazing because it's thick on one end and goes narrow toward the other, making it super easy to get into those awkward eyelashes hiding in the corner. It also makes the bottom lash process a heck of a lot easier and quicker!


I've tried a lot of mascaras in my time... A lot. One of my favourites being L'Oreal's Million Lashes and I thought nothing could ever come as close but this one does! It's honestly amazing. Stays all day, doesn't smudge, doesn't budge. As you can see from the image above, it's looking a bit worse for wear but that shows you how much I use it. In fact, I've now run out of it so it could definitely go in my empties post!

The price is approximately £20-£22 so even though it's a bit pricey, it's well worth it!

What are your favourite mascaras?

Chloe x

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Thursday 5 March 2015


NARS All Day Luminous Weightless

Today's post is a review and comparison of NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation vs Nars Sheer Glow (I have a whole post on Sheer Glow here. I can't describe how excited I was about getting this newly released foundation from NARS. I bought my first NARS foundation in Sheer Glow back in September 2014 (I was in Florida and had a huge Sephora visit!). I have to be honest, since Sheer Glow, I've not looked back and it made me wonder if All Day Luminous Weightless would ever live up to its standard. Obviously, 30ml doesn't last that long (for me anyways - I'll go into that in a minute) so since then I've tried loads of drugstore and a couple of high end foundations which by the way, I do love. If you'd like to see some foundations I've tried since then, I've got a lot of reviews under the 'Face' category of the drop down menu on the navigation bar! But, no matter what, Nars will likely always be my favourite so I couldn't wait to head to Cardiff on Thursday to pick up the new All Day Luminous Weightless foundation.


NARS Deauville

Firstly, I couldn't decide between Gobi and Deauville because I'm very pale and since we're heading into Spring in the UK, I decided to get a colour which matches my skin very well so that it matched the rest of my body. I know you're supposed to do this anyways but if you're like me, in the winter, I'll just pick up a colour I like rather than what matches and I'll mix it with different colours. When you're wearing a big jumper and coat, no one can see if your arms matches your face! I decided to try Deauville (Light 4) which is the next shade down from Gobi. I really love this colour, however I wonder if Gobi would have been better. Don't get me wrong, Deauville is pretty spot on and Gobi could be entirely too pale for me as the lady who worked there advised but maybe I'll give that one a go next time. ALTHOUGH saying that, we are heading into Spring and then Summer so possibly Deauville will work perfectly when my freckles come out! A little side note, Deauville is very yellow toned which is what I'm after to cancel out the red (I talk about this in the next step!) but I'm thinking it might be a little too yellow, so keep that in mind if you're thinking of getting this colour!


Okay, so you may or may not know (if you've read my previous foundation posts) that I have quite pigmented skin. I find it so hard to find one foundation which will cover the redness and one which will last all day and keep it all covered. This is what I was talking about earlier when I said 30ml doesn't last me VERY long, because I usually have to use double the amount to lock it and stop the redness from peaking through throughout the day. 

The coverage on this foundation is pretty amazing, I must admit. Although, I wasn't expecting anything less. NARS is my ultimate favourite foundation with Bourjois Healthy Mix nearly matching it - the price of Bourjois is also a huge plus (plus Nars and Bourjois mixed together is just amazing). Sorry, back to NARS! I've watched so, so many YouTube videos on this new foundation; one person saying 1 pump is enough, another saying 2 and another saying a whole layer or 2 will do it! Well, for me, 1 or 2 pumps is definitely not enough and that it purely because of my pigmentation and need to cover it up. If you haven't got any/much pigmentation or acne scarring/spots you want to cover, then yes I'd say about 2 pumps will do you just fine. If you're skin is like mine (I have relatively good skin which is normal to dry (more dry than normal) but due to my pigmentation, I need about 1 1/2 to 2 layers. Now I usually apply a couple of pumps all around my face and use a beauty blender to blend it in. I use a beauty blender on all of my foundations and it works perfectly with this one (even though many claim it leaves this foundation looking too thick and cakey, I strongly disagree!). Once first layer is applied, I'll go ahead and do my eye makeup and give the face a chance to set. After about 5 minutes or so, I'll head back to my face and apply a few more dabs of the foundation around the areas which are most pigmented and then use the excess to go round my face once more to keep it all blended! It says on the packaging that it's full coverage foundation and I can vouch for NARS that it really is! 

NARS foundation


The feel of this foundation I can only describe to feel powdery once blended in. This by no means, means it is matte as people claim it to be. It's the oddest foundation I've come across for texture and finish, a lot of people say it's matte and a lot say it's got a dewy finish. On my skin, it's definitely dewy and satin like which is fantastic as that is my ideal finish (as I have dry skin!). I do ensure to put a good moisturiser on and radiance cream before I apply my primer so maybe that has something to do with it. Even when I powder, a good sheen still comes through which like I said, I prefer to a completely matte finish. However, I do notice after a few hours, it can become slightly oily around the T zone, which is pretty normal but you might consider an extra bit of powder there or taking some powder out with you to touch up throughout the day.

Also, be sure to shake this foundation super well as recommended on the packaging. It is actually really liquid-y when you shake it so you'd imagine it to be very thin in consistency but it's quite the opposite! 


This is a difficult one for me. It does last a long, long time but all day? No, not for me. I have had to touch up a tiny bit with whatever is left on my beauty blender after about 3 hours. This doesn't mean it's come off after 3 hours, it just means it is slightly wearing off around the areas of highest pigmentation but again, that's my silly skin so it could last perfectly for you all day long. On areas where I don't have pigmentation, the foundation still more or less looks like it did when I applied it so I think that says a lot! 

Also, I would say it's transferable. If I touch my face with a bit of pressure, it slightly comes off so that's a bit of a disappointment but otherwise I find nothing wrong with the longevity of it! A little plus to this foundation, on the subject of it being transferable, if you need to touch up throughout the day (heavily touch up - i.e., if you've got soaked in the rain it will leave marks and cake) then by just taking a cloth and with a light hand just swipe off the top layer of that area, you can add one or two pumps to that area and your make up with look like you've just applied it all again. I think this is a huge bonus as sometimes, for example with MAC Pro Longwear, if you go in and try to add more foundation throughout the day, it will just not blend or look good at all... for me anyways.  

Packaging & Price


It has a PUMP. Everyone who has ever tried NARS Sheer Glow will know the daily struggle of pouring the foundation out onto the back of your hand and sometimes when you're half asleep at 7AM, it'll pour out way too much and to save any waste, I'll end up using it and looking like a painted doll who has applied their makeup with a trowel! 

For people (like myself) who loves a snazzy looking bottle, this one has a tall frosted glass bottle with a matte effect lid. The bottle is a standard 30ml as mentioned previously and I purchased mine at John Lewis for £32.


Nars Sheer Glow

Both foundations are so similar yet so different. The colour is a major difference between these foundations because for Sheer Glow, I purchased Punjab which is quite dark for my skin. Granted, however, I was in Florida when I purchased this one, so I had quite a lot of freckles and a bit of a tan so it suited me better then but after going through a winter in the UK, you can imagine my paleness! 

The longevity of Sheer Glow is very similar to All Day Luminous Weightless (ADLW) in the sense that it covers my pigmentation for a similar length of time. The coverage of Sheer Glow is, you guessed it, slightly more sheer than the ADLW and therefore isn't as full of a coverage after a couple of pump-like size drops whereas with the ADLW you get a fuller coverage with a smaller amount. I don't think though, if you added a bit too much of Sheer Glow, it would appear cakey whereas with ADLW, I've already made the disaster of putting too much on and it appearing way too thick and cakey after I've done the whole contour/highlight process, which has resulted in me taking it all off and starting again. 

Both are super flawless when applied with a damp beauty blender (can't vouch for a stippling brush or any other brush as I don't get on too well with them so beauty blenders are always my first choice!)

Again, mentioning the pump aspect, Sheer Glow doesn't have one and ADLW does. Price wise, Sheer Glow is *I think* about £1 cheaper. The bottle is smaller for Sheer Glow, however you get the same amount - 30ml. 


I'm very much a fan of All Day Luminous Weightless foundation by Nars. It's going to be extremely tricky to choose whether next time I pick ADLW or Sheer Glow though. I'm pretty sure I will stick with ADLW and maybe if/when I have a little bit more money to splash out, I'll treat myself to Sheer Glow again.

 Again, I'm still in the trial stages so I'd like to see how ADLW works for me when the weather starts to heat up and whether Gobi will be my next buy. I do believe ADLW is completely full coverage, not in a thick/cakey way and I do believe it is a flawless & dewy/satin finish if prepped with a good radiance boosting moisturiser and good primer prior to application.

Overall, I give this foundation 8/10 due to price & it being transferable to the touch and the longevity on my pigmented skin.

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