Sunday 28 September 2014

Elegantly Chic - From A Junior Miss To A Trendsetting Teen!

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This post is part of my Florida Series and will talk about my experience at Pottery Barn - Kids which I visited at Mall at Millenia. I actually had no reason to go into this store but when I went into the normal Pottey Barn which was only next door, I was so intrigued and in awe of the way they had decorated their showrooms, I felt my inner child come out when I walked past Pottery Barn: Kids and saw little ballerina tutus, dolls and pretty bedding in the window and thought I had to go in!

This was what I saw when I first walked in and fell in love with it. I would absolutely decorate my bedroom like this now... even though I'm 21!

I think this room is so elegant and classy, with the dusky mauve colour bedspread and the pretty white canopy draped around the head of the bed with the crown at the top. 

When you see the whole picture, you'd probably feel like it would be very difficult and expensive to achieve this look, but I've found a couple of dupes that will cost you next to nothing and you would believe you had your room designed by The Pottery Barn yourself! 

1) Here is a canopy (very similar to something I had when I was little!) and costs only £10.

**Disclaimer** I'm not sponsored by this site or by any of the sites I use in this post - I've not purchased anything from this site either, it's just what I've searched for to find cheaper alternatives as dupes for what is used in The Pottery Barn's showrooms!)

Ideal Textiles

As for the bedding, plain white bedding with a quilted throw would mirror The Pottery Barn's bedding - either going for something similar to The Pottery Barn's or for a cheaper alternative, one of my favourite range of bedding is Dunelm (usually the Dorma range!) so if you're after something a little more girly and pretty for only £39.99 then this could be an option:


This bedding has grey through it, so if you've read my previous post (American Interior Inspiration) you'll see I talked about the colour grey and how it's definitely going to be a theme in my bedroom when it's redecorated!

Pair the white canopy and the grey, feminine quilted throw with soft and subtle cream walls - my favourite cream at the moment is Crown in the colour 'Wheatgrass'  and Wilkinson's 'Love Letter'. I think a combination of all these and you'll have a beautiful, chic, elegant and classy room which won't date (no more re-decorating for a little while!!)

Crown - Wheatgrass

Wilkinson - Love Letter

I hope this post was helpful if you're decorating your daughter's bedroom or even if you're a teenager reading this and you like it for yourself! Please let me know and I can do more posts like this! 

In the next couple of days I'll be doing the same but for a boy's room, so keep an eye out for that!
What do you think of this look? Let me know!

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Thursday 25 September 2014

American Interior Inspiration!

Hello readers!

Today's post is all about interior inspiration all the way from America. My favourite place to get inspiration from is America as their style and taste is on such a grand scale it's impossible not to find it extravagant and inspiring!

I've recently moved house so redecorating needs a lot of motivation and inspiration so I was excited to see what new styles America had to offer and I was not disappointed!

When I got to the first store, Pottery Barn in the Mall at Millenia, I was in awe by the grandness and the presentation of their display showrooms. Before I went away, I'd been thinking about what colour theme to decorate my room in and I decided grey and cream was a possible option so when I got to Pottery Barn and saw that a lot of their show bedrooms were decorated in grey and cream, I knew 100% to go for those colours as a theme.

Here's a picture I took of one of the display bedrooms:

I love the contrast of the cream walls with the dark wooden floor combined with a subtle grey theme. I think it looks extremely classy and elegant and it's also something that won't date - in my opinion!

 I know I'll definitely take this layout and colour theme into consideration when I'm decorating my bedroom!

What do you think of this look? Let me know!

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Saturday 20 September 2014

The bronzer you absolutely must try!

Hi everyone!

So another product I purchased in Florida was the Sonia Kashuk Undetectable Cream Bronzer in the colour Warm Tan. 

First of all I really, really love this bronzer. I didn't think I'd find an affordable cream bronzer that I love as much as the SEVENTEEN cream bronzer, but this has definitely topped it! 

I love that this bronzer has a lovely tan shade to give you a healthy glow without it being too dark or orange-y but at the same time, it gives a slight pink tone so it kind of works like a blusher and bronzer in one. 

As I mentioned, this bronzer is definitely affordable at $10.99 from Target. I always do a huge Sonia Kashuk haul whenever I'm in America because I'm not sure that the UK sells any of her products, at least they don't where I live in the UK - if you know of a UK site which sells Sonia Kashuk products, please let me know!!

A lot of people apply cream bronzers with brushes however my favourite way to apply any cream bronzer (especially this one!) is by using a damp beauty blender! By using a damp beauty blender, you'll get a great coverage without it being too contoured, it will go on evenly and its so simple to rectify if you make a little mistake! If you are using a beauty blender, make sure it is damp, not too soaked and not too dry because neither will work well!

I hope this post was helpful and you decide to try out this bronzer! I've been excited to try it for awhile and now that I have, I don't want to use any other bronzer!

Thanks for reading!

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Thursday 18 September 2014

My Sephora Visit!

This is part of my Florida series where I'll be posting several posts on what beauty products, clothes and interior items I've purchased along with Florida guides, restaurant & hotel recommendations and places to visit for the best shopping experience... not forgetting the famous theme parks Florida prides itself on!

As for this post, however, I'll be talking about the product I purchased when I went back to one of my favourite shops in the Florida Mall; Sephora!

Last year, after much deliberation, lots of testing and going back and forth the store multiple times, I finally decided on the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation and you can find my review on it here. It was a choice between that and the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation. I absolutely love the HD Foundation as it has a beautiful consistency, great build-able coverage and it has a great variety of colour choices too! 

When I went back this year, I was dead set on getting either Benefit's Hello Flawless Foundation or the Kat Von D - Lock-It Tattoo Foundation, however when I got there I realised I could easily purchase Benefit's Hello Flawless at a Debenhams shop where I live. I also tested the Kat Von D foundation and realised it was extremely thick, even with just one pump. I know it's meant to be a very full coverage foundation - which is what I look for as my face is quite red but this would even bee too full coverage for me I think.

Instead, I thought back to last year when it was a choice between the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation and the Nars Sheer Glow and decided this time I'd try the Nars as I've heard such amazing things about it! It was $45 plus tax which was a fair chunk of change but I don't regret it in the slightest because I think it's made its way up to one of my favourite ever foundations and I'll tell you why...

First of all, like I said, as my face is quite red, I like a fuller coverage but not a thick/cakey to get this look I always use a beauty blender as it distributes the foundation much better and equally, leaving no streaks or patchy areas... anyways back to what I was saying (I get easily sidetracked!) to get this fuller coverage to cover the most pigmented areas on my face, I always use my Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation as a base just to give a blank canvas. I then applied the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation as my finishing foundation which works amazingly as A) this foundation is definitely a light to medium coverage so it works great if you already have a base on and B) you don't use as much product as you've already got your base coat on to cover the imperfections, therefore there's less waste!

I tested a lot of products and although you're "never meant to test on your hand" I've been told by so many people who work in various makeup shops, I always do because A) it's quicker B) it's less hassle and C) I always mix my colours anyways because of my facial redness so it doesn't really matter there! So like I said, I tested all the "Light" colours and they were too light or too pink-ish so then I moved onto the Mediums because they had more of a yellow tone, which I like because it cancels out some of the facial redness! I ended up choosing Medium 1 - Punjab as my face has a bit of a tan anyways. I love, love, love this colour as it's not too pink and not too yellow; just the right colour and shade so I recommend this choice to anyone who has fair to medium skin!

With the base of Bourjois on underneath and Nars Sheer Glow on top, topped with a little of my favourite Lasting Perfection Concealer by Collection and a sprinkle of setting powder, you can be assured that your makeup will last you all day which is amazing because you don't have to be worried about touching up or reapplying which is hassle and time consuming! It also gives a great dewy/satin finish which is my favourite finishing look. I tend to stay away from a matte finish but you don't want to go the other direction and have too much of an oily look! 

I'd definitely repurchase this product again, however I forgot it doesn't come with a pump so I might invest in purchasing a pump just to prevent too much foundation spilling out onto my hand when applying!

All in all I rate this foundation 10/10. I really cannot find a fault with it!

Have you tried this foundation? What did you think? What recommendations do you have for my next high end foundation purchase?

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Wednesday 17 September 2014

Where have I been? Update!

Hi bloggers!

This is just a little update post so please have a read!

I haven't blogged in two weeks as I've been on holiday to Florida. It's my favourite place on earth and that's why I absolutely love going on holiday there! It has everything you could possibly want; the best shopping experiences, the best weather, the best sunbathing, the best theme parks... you name it, it has it! I'll be doing lots of posts of the next few weeks which will be a series of its own, specifically dedicated to my trip, including beauty hauls (yes, I went to Sephora!), clothes hauls, interior inspirations, restaurant and hotel reviews and general information about Florida, so please look out for that!

I'm currently in the process of making all these posts happen so please stick with me whilst I get them all ready! I hope you enjoy this series as I'm really excited to share it with you all!

Hope you're all well and enjoying this last little bit of Summer!

Chloe x