Sunday 28 September 2014

Elegantly Chic - From A Junior Miss To A Trendsetting Teen!

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This post is part of my Florida Series and will talk about my experience at Pottery Barn - Kids which I visited at Mall at Millenia. I actually had no reason to go into this store but when I went into the normal Pottey Barn which was only next door, I was so intrigued and in awe of the way they had decorated their showrooms, I felt my inner child come out when I walked past Pottery Barn: Kids and saw little ballerina tutus, dolls and pretty bedding in the window and thought I had to go in!

This was what I saw when I first walked in and fell in love with it. I would absolutely decorate my bedroom like this now... even though I'm 21!

I think this room is so elegant and classy, with the dusky mauve colour bedspread and the pretty white canopy draped around the head of the bed with the crown at the top. 

When you see the whole picture, you'd probably feel like it would be very difficult and expensive to achieve this look, but I've found a couple of dupes that will cost you next to nothing and you would believe you had your room designed by The Pottery Barn yourself! 

1) Here is a canopy (very similar to something I had when I was little!) and costs only £10.

**Disclaimer** I'm not sponsored by this site or by any of the sites I use in this post - I've not purchased anything from this site either, it's just what I've searched for to find cheaper alternatives as dupes for what is used in The Pottery Barn's showrooms!)

Ideal Textiles

As for the bedding, plain white bedding with a quilted throw would mirror The Pottery Barn's bedding - either going for something similar to The Pottery Barn's or for a cheaper alternative, one of my favourite range of bedding is Dunelm (usually the Dorma range!) so if you're after something a little more girly and pretty for only £39.99 then this could be an option:


This bedding has grey through it, so if you've read my previous post (American Interior Inspiration) you'll see I talked about the colour grey and how it's definitely going to be a theme in my bedroom when it's redecorated!

Pair the white canopy and the grey, feminine quilted throw with soft and subtle cream walls - my favourite cream at the moment is Crown in the colour 'Wheatgrass'  and Wilkinson's 'Love Letter'. I think a combination of all these and you'll have a beautiful, chic, elegant and classy room which won't date (no more re-decorating for a little while!!)

Crown - Wheatgrass

Wilkinson - Love Letter

I hope this post was helpful if you're decorating your daughter's bedroom or even if you're a teenager reading this and you like it for yourself! Please let me know and I can do more posts like this! 

In the next couple of days I'll be doing the same but for a boy's room, so keep an eye out for that!
What do you think of this look? Let me know!

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  1. I love the bedspread of the first picture! Nice design!