Sunday 7 December 2014

Estée Lauder - Double Wear Foundation Review

Double Wear

Hi everyone!

So today's post, as you can probably guess is a review on Estée Lauder's Double Wear foundation. You might already know that this product is one of the most talked about products within the beauty blogosphere world because it has so many great elements to it, how is it possible not to love it?

So yes, I do love this product but I'll give you a quick story behind it first.

I decided that because this is quite an expensive foundation, I'd get matched in Boots because I wanted something that would actually reflect my real skin tone. I usually go for a darker colour than what I am naturally, especially in the winter, however I fancied going for the more natural look and getting one that matched precisely. So yes, I got matched and the first colour the lady tried was a perfect match! Success! 

Estee Lauder

I have quite prominent facial redness; not rosacea as such but very pigmented. I've gone to multiple doctors appointments, dermatology appointments, lazer treatments, you name it, I've done it and yet I'm still left with pigmented skin. It's not the worst thing to have but it certainly brings a degree of self-consciousness with it which I'm not comfortable with and that is why I wear foundation. If I could not wear it, I probably wouldn't... or at least not wear as much!

Anyways, a little side-tracked there but still relevant I guess! This product promises to have a great amount of coverage and last a long, long time and that is why I bought it. I think this 30ml bottle of greatness is fantastic. My mum even said that she noticed the redness disappearing as soon as the lady in Boots put a tiny amount on my skin. You can of course, build this product up to give a fuller coverage look, but I've been enjoying wearing a limited amount lately.

The foundation bottle doesn't actually come with a pump. This is a huge flaw for some and yes, I can kind of agree, but you can physically see how much you are using when pouring it out manually so you can be a little more affordable with how much you use or you can use a little less when you think you're coming near the end.

The general packaging of the product is so elegant and regal in my opinion. The deep purple/blue box it is presented in is so compact, understated, simple and unique. I think that along with the bottle, which is glass (so be careful!) with gold and purple writing matching the gold and purple writing scripted on the box carries a consistent theme of elegance and class. I think the bottle and packaging of items say a lot about the quality of the products so I always take this into consideration when purchasing a product!


Foundation Review

I do recommend though, if you have dry skin like I do, prep your skin. I know you probably do anyways but I neglect the prepping of my skin sometimes and rush in with a primer. I've recently purchased several radiance boosting moisturisers (reviews coming this week!) which I prep my skin with and then go ahead with my primer. If you have super duper dry skin and you like that dewy/satin finish, pop a little bit of Bourjois Healthy Mix  or MAC Pro Longwear underneath and this will act as a fantastic base, providing that extra bit of dewiness to give you a healthy winter glow!

The cost of this Double Wear foundation is usually approximately £29.50 from Boots but is currently on offer for £23.60!

Have you tried this foundation? What do you think? 

Let me know in the comments below!

I hope you liked this post and a quick little side note before I go: I haven't posted AS MUCH as I usually do these past couple of weeks and I miss it so much however, I'm in my last year of university so the deadlines are coming fast and are all at the same time but I have a little break between next week and Christmas! I have so, so many posts planned, new products to review, 'Take Back What's Yours' news and updates and so much more so please come back next week and have a little gander!

Have a lovely week!

Chloe x

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