Monday 15 December 2014


I'm sure I don't have to remind you that Christmas is TEN days away... you could even class it as NINE days (as today is nearly over!) until that massive Christmas dinner is sat down in front of you on your lovely decorated dinner table with that mouth watering desert which makes you put on 10lbs before you even eat it!!

If you're anything like me and find it hard to keep up with keeping fit over the festive period, fear not because Reebok has your back.

I thought this guide was extremely important not just to lose weight over Christmas but to keep yourself fit and healthy. Being diabetic, I want to promote a healthy lifestyle as much as possible (you'll see at the bottom of this post I run a campaign called 'Take Back What's Yours' which I'd love for you to all get involved with - details at the bottom OR you can read about it here)!

Here's a great little fitness guide you can adopt into your daily routine, not JUST over the festive period but every day in general!

Reebok Helps You Stay Fit Whilst Festive With The Christmas Survival Guide

As Christmas is fast approaching and the abundance of food near, Reebok’s Master Trainers have created a Christmas Survival Guide to help you stay on track of your fitness goals whilst still enjoying the fruits of the festive period.

Incorporate little exercises on a daily basis – they will add up!

Start the day balanced. When brushing your teeth stand on one leg to activate the core and work on your balance and stabilisation. You can try this with your eyes closed if you are brave… as this will affect the effort required to stand still and tall

Get up 10 minutes earlier in the morning and warm up for the day by incorporating some exercises. An interval training with 40 seconds work and 20 seconds rest will get you started – just repeat 10 times. Exercises: burpees, plank, lunges, glute bridge, press ups, jumping jacks, squats, side plank (20 seconds each side), glute raise, single leg squat

Climb the stairs – lose the lift or escalator when out and about, or at home, just climb the stairs a couple of times for no reason other than to start to shift the lbs. Climbing three flights will burn approximately 15 calories. Not much but over a day/week it all adds up.

Be food wise – keep it simple, count chemicals not calories

Counting calories can often be overbearing. Of course you should watch the amounts and types of food you eat but everyone’s got a different physique and activity level. It’s impossible to put everyone in the same boat.

Start by reducing the chemicals, try to keep it natural. Cook rather than have a ready meal. Avoid processed foods and stock up on natural foods. This will provide great fuel for your body. By omitting toxins such as sugars we keep our blood levels balanced, which not only keeps energy levels even but also reduces risks of health issues based on that.

A swap a day

Why not swap something every day? 
Swap a coke for water
Swap a sandwich for a salad wrap
Swap a beer for a wine spritzer 

Weight loss 

If your main goal is weight loss, look at yourself in the mirror. Weight loss on a scale doesn’t always reflect the loss of fat. Always remember: you didn’t go to bed one weight or dress size and wake up the next day with a transformed body, so don’t try and lose extra overnight. Work out a schedule that works in the long term and take little steps every day.

Rewarding yourself

It’s important to reward yourself if you’re doing a good job and staying on track. Instead of getting out the chocolate pralines, reward yourself with things that don’t go in your mouth. Book yourself a massage, book that boat trip or go for a walk in a beautiful forest and just enjoy the view. 

Team up

Surround yourself with people on the same mission and you’ll empower each other to keep going, keeping levels of motivation up.

Why wait? 

There is no better time to start than RIGHT NOW. Give yourself the best Christmas gift – a fitter, healthier you. Look and feel great at the Christmas party or for New Year. Exercise can help improve both your physical and mental health as soon as you start and you will feel energised. Exercise is also a great stress reliever. Exercise regularly and you’ll be all set for that Christmas shop everyone else is getting stressed out from.


We are all different – what works for you might not work for anyone else. If you’re not sure what the best approach is for you, you can always get external help and contact a personal trainer for assistance.

Reebok has kindly provided the opportunity to join FREE fitness classes that might be going on where you live, so do check out the link below because it's well worth it!

 Reebok provides ongoing and free fitness classes for local communities as part of the brand’s vision to make fitness, health and wellbeing truly accessible to all. To check out and book onto any free fitness classes that may be happening in your area, visit:

Before I go!

If you'd like to join me on my 'Take Back What's Yours' campaign which is all about empowerment in diabetes, bullying, self-esteem, anxiety & any other medical or mental health issue, please check out this link to more information on what we do! We'd love to have you on board so do get in touch by email or tweet me! If you just want a chat about diabetes or if you don't necessarily know many people with the condition, feel free to email me! My links are below!

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  1. This was such a helpful post! I've lost my motivation the last couple of weeks but this has definitely helped re motivate me :)
    Lucy x