Monday 22 December 2014


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I thought I'd post this little outfit guide today as we are approaching Christmas and New Year which obviously means more socialising and socialising after work so if you have a 9-5 job and you struggle to get home in time to get your glad rags on, fear not because I have devised 3 outfits you can easily wear to work that will allow you to transition into the evening, effortlessly and glamorously!

Okay, so I want to express that different work places obviously require different outfits/uniforms. So for example, you may not necessarily wear these outfits if the standard is "casual"; you may be more inclined to wear these outfits if the requirement is "smart". 

I will be doing a "casual" work outfit transitioning into an evening event during the week so please stay tuned for that!

Outfit #1

I love the ivory/linen colour theme with this outfit. It's definitely an outfit that would fit any season. In the Spring/Autumn, a light leather jacket on top would bring an edgy look to this elegant outfit and in the Winter, a beautiful black funnel neck coat will bring a heavy contrast with the colours; quite monochrome-like and balance the outfit out weight wise! 

Outfit #2

I think the colour theme for this outfit; blush will suit any skin tone. Whether you're fair, medium or dark skinned, I think this ensemble will compliment your colour and on the topic of colour, I think this blush colour will also go great with whatever colour hair you have. With some colours, only certain hair colours can work because they can give you a washed out effect but I think blush is a great go-to colour if you're struggling to find the perfect colour that compliments you!

Outfit #3

This monochrome themed outfit has an automatic smart association to it. I'm not sure if you agree, but whenever I see a monochrome themed outfit, I immediately think it looks effortlessly smart. The two block colours compliment each other due to its heavy contrast the pattern through the blouse provides a simple, clean cut finish and again, these two colours will easily go with any skin colour or hair colour so it's a definite staple outfit!

Finally, all three skirts have a 50s feel to them, which I absolutely love. I think that in 2015 these types of skirts are definitely going to be seen across runways and in the high street and that's great news as that means anyone can wear them and not look out of place!

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