Friday 9 January 2015


Hi everyone! 

Here is a little post on a couple of lipsticks I'm loving recently! I wear them everyday, either on their own or layered to make a different colour altogether! 


The first lipstick is Stay pout by SEVENTEEN in the shade Kiss Me Quick. This is quite a coral pink, which I love because any lipstick which has a tint of orange in it, automatically wins a place in my makeup bag! I know a lot of people change their lipstick colours for different seasons - darker in the Winter and lighter in the Spring/Summer, however I don't find I suit dark colours on my lips so I stick with anything that has a baby pink/bright pink/coral/lilac colour - anything that doesn't wash me out completely - like for example, deep purples, reds etc., even though I would absolutely love to be able to wear them; they just do not suit me!

So yes, I love the SEVENTEEN Stay Pout - Kiss Me Quick lipstick! Definitely recommend. I love the tube as well - it's always nice to have fancy lipstick packaging! The price is amazing for the quality too! I think it's £4.49 which is outstanding and something that is so affordable if you fancy trying a new colour or brand but you're feeling the pinch with Christmas just passing. Also, the longevity of this lipstick - especially if blotted, stays on an incredible amount of time. I explain a little later in this post a bit more on that!

Here's a little chart of the different colours they do in this range!


Topshop Matte Bullet

This is more like one of those chubby stick type lipsticks. I love these types of lipsticks because it's so easy to apply and reapply without needing a mirror (especially due to the subtle colour - can't say it would be easy to apply red without a mirror!)

The colour, like I said, it a subtle, pastel-like lilac colour which I think most people would suit. It's not an offensive colour or too bold (if you're feeling a little less confident) and it's just a really pretty colour to take you through each season! It does say it's a matte effect, however it can be a tiny, tiny bit glossy, (not as in a proper lip gloss finish, just a subtle sheen!) so I'd blot it a little just to get that full on matte look!

I really like the simplicity of the packaging; clean looking with the crisp white body, clear lid so you can identify the colour easily if you have multiple colours and a young, fun type font. I always like to talk about the packaging of products... Weird? Probably.

You can get this nifty chubby stick-like lipstick for £8 exclusive to Topshop!

Here are the other colours they sell in this Lip Bullet! I think I'll try "There She Goes" soon!

These two lipsticks are beautiful on their own, but if you like to mix colours and brands; these two lipsticks are your new "besties". If you put one lipstick on, blot it and then apply the next and blot again, you're set for the day! They both stay on amazingly well, for a very, very long time - even after eating the messiest of foods! Win!

Have you tried either of these products? What do you think of them?

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  1. Love the topshop one, I'm a fan of the lip bullets, think I might add this one to my collection, never been much of a pink girl but that ones just too pretty!!

    Rebecca xx

    1. Lip Bullets are amazing! They last so long too! I definitely recommend this one, such a pretty colour and easy to wear with any type of outfit! Thank you for your comment, Rebecca! xx

  2. I was just popping by to let you know I have nominated you for the Liebster award in my today's blog post x

  3. Ohh the topshop ones look fab. I haven't tried much from topshop, I really need to! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog