Monday 9 February 2015


Blog advertising

Hi everyone! 

If you haven't heard of Adlet yet, where have you been? Adlet is an amazing blog advertising site which makes the process of setting up ads and selling them on your blog, an absolute breeze! Adlet launched last May and has grown rapidly in the blogging world ever since! It's completely free; no set up fee, no contract, no anything. You might as well give it a try because you've got absolutely nothing to lose.

This post shows you all about how you can sign up and exactly what to do in order to set up selling ads on your blog. It literally takes about ten minutes... at most. You don't have to wait for it to be verified or anything, just ten minutes and you could be selling your first ad. 

1. First, of course, sign up! If you're a brand, you change your account type to Advertiser rather than Publisher, but bloggers, don't worry about that - just choose Publisher :) 

2. Okay, so here's your Dashboard. First of all, set up your blog profile. 

3. Now that you've clicked on that (Set Up Blog Profile), you'll see this screen below. Pretty simple, fill out your details - you're going to want to put as much information about your blog in the Full Description part as this is what brands are going to see so make it eye catching and impressive!

4. Now you've done all of that, click on create an ad space. 

5. In this post, I'm going to be concentrating on Image Ads. 

6. Okay, so now you're going to want to name the ads you sell. As you can see, an example would be Top Dog. You can have anything; Gold, Silver and Bronze... One, Two and Three... anything - be as creative as you can be! As you can also see, there is a drop down menu on many options below, so you can have your choice on the size and positioning of the ads you'll be selling! 

In the description, you might want to put what this ad space will provide for the brands. For example, possibly Twitter mentions, a featured post... you get the idea!

7. Now here's a technical looking part, but it really isn't! When you save your ad spaces, click Install Ad Shop on the Dashboard.

 All you have to do is take the top code (Code A) which I've blurred so you don't get confused about your own code (not all codes are the same obviously!) and copy and paste that code into your desired sponsor/advertising page on your blog. To do this, you'll have to go into the HTML version (on Blogger, it's just next to the undo/redo button!

Now, take Code B and copy and paste that into the Layout part of your blog where you want the ad space to be displayed. For example, if you've chosen to have it in the right hand side bar, add a new HTML/Java Script widget and copy and paste the link into there and save.

There you go, all done and dusted and now you can get selling ad spaces straight away. I told you it was easy!

Hope this helps! If you have any questions, leave a comment, tweet or email me! The links are all below! 


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  1. Interesting article and thanks for letting us know about it. I may have to have a look into this later! It looks a lot better than the regular google adsense as well, which would make it more beneficial to a lot of people.

    Lauren :) x

    1. No worries, Lauren! Hope you do end up signing up! I love it as it's so much better than other ad services like passion fruit and adsense! Let me know if you have any questions though and I can answer them for you! x

  2. this looks good.. hope it works out