Sunday 15 February 2015


Today's post is a little different. As you know, I love to get involved and help spread the word about charities in order to raise awareness and support for the cause. Today's charity is the Willow Foundation.

Willow is the only national charity set up for people aged between 16-40 who are seriously ill to create unforgettable and uplifting Special Days. These Special Days allow for them and their families to enjoy a day together, reconnecting whilst participating in an activity of their choice. This foundation is amazing and I urge you all to carry on reading to find out about how you can get involved.

Here's the challenge... Will of Iron.

After a roaring success in 2014, Willow is challenging you to join hundreds of people across the country in 2015 to swim 2.4 miles, cycle 112 miles and run 26.2 miles in one week. Are you up for the challenge?

You can take part at the gym or outdoors, solo or as part of a team. Your team can be as little as two people or as many as you like, there's no limit. You and your teammates can each pick a discipline (cycling, swimming or running) or choose all three and divide the distance.  

Do as much or as little as you like and still call yourself a triathlete! All you need to do is complete the distance over seven consecutive days.

Don't think about it, just get involved and sign up!

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