Monday 18 August 2014

Personal Statements: How To Guide

Personal Statements

You might think getting started on your personal statement now is being a little premature. Is it though?

I remember writing my personal statement in the summer of 2011 so that when I started back to sixth form in September, I was more or less ready to send it off once I had my references from my teachers!

I remember sitting in my school library trying to actually start my personal statement, which I think is definitely the hardest part, much like any other task; starting is the hardest part.

I have a couple of tips on actually starting your personal statement:

  • Jot down in bullet point or spider diagram form why you want to study the course you are applying for.
  • Make another chart and write down why you think you're the best applicant and why they should accept you.
  • Make another chart and write down some intelligent words to impress them (this will make you stand out from the rest, but make sure you know how and when to use these words!)
  • Speak from the heart, if you are really passionate about the course you're applying for, make them understand your story and why you want it so badly (but don't go on and on repeating the same thing; be concise).
  • Make a plan: Write down a brief summary of what you want to say in each paragraph, how it will flow etc., as this will only help you when you start writing it properly.

Like I said before, make sure you explain why you want it so badly, why they should pick you out of all the other applicants.

Another tip I have for you may sound strange but if you're struggling to start it or struggling to write it, try attempting it late at night before you go to bed. I don't know why, but I always seem to write a lot late at night! Don't forget to go over it the day after in case your tired eyes led to you making some grammatical errors!

Personal statements are overlooked sometimes and all of your focus is on your grades. Whilst getting the required grades is important, your personal statement could just about swing it for you. I know that in my case, I missed one of the required grades just by one grade, but I was still accepted and I think the reason for that was because of my personal statement.

I hope this post helps you and good luck with the whole UCAS application process! Keep onto your teachers in regards to your references! I hope you get your first choice!

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