Monday 9 June 2014

Motivated Mondays

Welcome to my Motivated Mondays post!

Monday is the day everyone dreads...It's the day that welcomes a harsh reality after a nice weekend off (for some!) and it's the beginning of the working week (again, for some!) so I think this calls for an intense motivational boost! 

Motivation is the little thing that's needed to spur you on to get what you want or need to get done, done but how is something so little so hard to find? Essentially, motivation is the thing that either pushes you to do something, or lack of motivation is the thing that stops you. It is so difficult to find motivation so let's break it down:

What do you need your boost of motivation for? It can be to do something tiny or it can be to do something huge, for example:

  • Cleaning 
  • School/University work
  • Errands
  • Career
  • Exercising

My key advice here is to think how happy and proud of yourself you'll be when you've completed your tasks! Imagine that feeling of accomplishment when you've handed in your never ending essay, finished your last exam, taken your earphones out after that 30 minutes of exercise you were dreading or even sending off the CV you've been working on for what seems like years for a job you've been dreaming of! 

OR you may need that boost of motivation to start, continue or finish a project you might be working on! A classic example is:

  • Blogging (everyone gets a mental block from time to time!)

When I get a mental block or writers block, the first thing I do is try to relax for 10 minutes, try and forget about the motivation I'm lacking by watching a TV show or watching some videos on YouTube. Then after I've taken 10 minutes out, I'll come back and try and find some inspiration by thinking about what sort of post do I want to write:

  • Is it makeup related?
  • Fashion related?
  • Lifestyle related?
  • Interior related?
  • Or a new feature on my campaign?

Once I've decided the topic, I'll surround myself with blogs, vlogs, websites etc of that topic to give me inspiration which then leads to giving me motivation. 

The way that motivation works in my brain is that I need to be extremely inspired in order for me to be extremely motivated, so much so that I'll stop whatever I'm doing and begin to work on it...

Inspiration ----> Motivation

Sometimes when you know you have a project in front of you or something that needs to be done, it can be a scary feeling, it may make you anxious, nervous, stressed but here's a quote I really like that should make you feel excited to get your project or whatever it is you need to get done, done rather than nervous or scared:

Believe in yourself! Have 
faith in your abilities! 
Without a humble but 
reasonable confidence in your 
own powers you cannot be 
successful or happy
                                                       - Norman Vincent Peale

If you haven't got anything going on that needs motivation, why don't you challenge yourself and do something that takes some serious motivation?

Thanks for reading! I hope this post was of some use!

If you like this sort of post, please let me know so I can keep working on others!

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Chloe x

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