Friday 6 June 2014

TUTORIAL & PRODUCT REVIEW: Perfect products to contour & highlight? Look no further!

I have spent awhile looking for products to contour & highlight with which work for me and it has not been a cheap experience!

I've spent a lot of money I don't really have on products which have ended up causing a muddy effect on my face so now that I have finally found all the products I need to successfully contour & highlight without that muddy look, I thought I'd share them with you to save you forking out money on products which aren't as good as others out there!!

Once I have applied my foundation I will use my favourite Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer as an under eye brightener, concealer & highlighter and sort of make a sideways triangle under my eyes. I will also put a little bit down my nose and on my forehead. I then blend everything all out! To apply this I use my beauty blender as I feel it gives the most even and natural coverage! (I also use this to apply my foundation!)

I then powder my face with a translucent setting powder and lightly apply my NYC eye shadow (colour 917) with my So Ecotools stippling brush. The keyword here is lightly as you do not want to go overboard with a white eye shadow all over your face! Lightly sweep little amounts down your nose, forehead and above your cheekbones... all the same places you applied your concealer.

Now, the next step all depends on your preference on what you prefer using for your contour. For awhile I used my E.L.F Powder Brush with my Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder. I love this bronzer as it doesn't leave a muddy effect to your face and it doesn't have a lot of shimmer in it so your face isn't sparkling when a bit of light hits you! In order to get the right contour for your face, grab a pencil or something with a straight line and hold it diagonally from the top of your ear to the corner of your mouth. This should provide you with the area you should contour in! Start off again lightly as you can always build up! (Remember, it is much easier to build up than to take off!) I don't like going too far down towards my mouth as it can come across a little too strong, halfway should be fine! I then dust some bronzer around my temples, down the bridge of my nose, my jawline (minimizes that dreaded double chin!) and I then blend down into my neck just so there's no mask!

OR you can use what I've been using recently: SEVENTEEN Instant Glow tan Cream Bronzer. The cream bronzer is such a quick and easy product to use to contour! To use this I use my beauty blender but I use a separate one to the one I use to apply my foundation and concealer! I dab this in again, lightly and press it in, in the same places I apply the powder bronzer! This cream bronzer is so easy to rectify if you make a little mistake as you can just go over it with your other beauty blender (or brush) which has your foundation and concealer products on it! I love the effect this leaves as it's also very natural and isn't heavy at all!! This product is definitely one to build on because if you go in with a heavy hand straight away, you might be scared of using it again, so keep that in mind!!

The key in this little tutorial is to blend, blend and blend again!!

I love these products and I hope you love them too! I highly recommend so let me know if you like them as much as I do!

I hope this little tutorial/review helps!!

Let me know if you have any questions or product recommendations by leaving your comments on here or tweeting me @ChloesConcept :)

Thanks for reading!!

Chloe x


  1. I love the Bourjois bronzer! And it smells heavenly!

  2. It really does!! It's amazing for the price too! xx