Monday 21 July 2014

Interview on self-esteem with Katie from Funsize Beauty!

    1. Hi Katie! Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

    My name is Katie, I am 15 years old and I am Welsh. I am quite un-extraordinary, I am basically your typical introvert teenager.

    2. What do you blog about?

    I blog about anything and everything, from serious issues like the ones I'm talking about now, to beauty and fashion.

    3. What inspires you in life?

    My friends inspire me in life. I honestly don't know where I'd be without them.

    4. What keeps you motivated?

    Seeing my friends get upset when ever I get really down. I hate seeing them sad so I try to stay positive.

    5. What is your proudest achievement in life or in the blogging world?

    Recently I reached 3000+ views, and in the grand scheme of things it's tiny, but for a small blog like mine it means a lot.

    6. That is something to be proud of! As a blogger, you have to have some confidence in what you are writing but in the “real world” it can be much more difficult! Can you tell me what your experience is with self-esteem?

    Self-esteem has effected me in many ways, so bad as come last summer I wouldn't go outside. It made me feel so depressed that I didn't want to leave the house, go out with friends, and even family. In short terms - it sucked.

    7. How has it changed your life?

    It's made me realise that not everyone will love you for who you, and that's okay. I would much rather someone dislike me than back-stab me and make me feel insecure.

    8. How are you coping with it?

    It's not bad at the moment. It's worse in the summer because I don't like thinking people are making fun of me in my shorts. I have short legs so I feel awkward in shorts.

    9. I think everyone has at least one insecurity about themselves but you've just got to think that you're not alone, everyone's feeling insecure about something! Do you feel like the media are doing enough to help people who suffer from low self-esteem?

    Nope, in fact I think the media are making people with self-esteem issues worse. The photo shopping and society's image of perfect ruins a person's chance of them ever being happy with themselves- I know from personal experiences.

    10. What are your top tips for anyone living with low self-esteem?

    No-one cares what you look like, they are just trying to get from A to B as much as you are. If you feel good in shorts but think you'll be judged, who cares, you'll most probably not see those people again. You do you.

Thank you, Katie! I hope everyone finds your answers as interesting as I did and I'm sure each reader will be able to relate to your answers! 

If you'd like to check out any of Katie's links, you can find them below: 


Thank you for reading!

Chloe x

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