Monday 14 July 2014

Look forward to starting back school in September!

End of term...

For schools across the UK, the summer holidays is fast approaching or may have already started for some!

This may be a blessing to those who hate school so desperately due to being a victim of bullying, feeling left out or maybe have no friends.

Today's post is all about using your summer holiday wisely so that when September rolls around again, you're not dreading starting back! I know you're probably thinking “I am dreading September” but that's okay. Hopefully by the end of this post, your feelings will have changed!

First of all you need to know why you hate school so much;

  • Are you being bullied?
  • Do you have any friends?
  • Are you being left out?
  • Are you struggling with school work?

Maybe there's a different reason, but as long as you know it, you can change your feelings towards it.

When I first started secondary school, I absolutely hated it but after about a year and a half/two years, my opinion changed. I did struggle with school work at first, I did struggle with friends and I would struggle to find anyone who didn't struggle with these things. You're not alone!

Are you being bullied?

First of all, if you're a victim of bullying please visit here where you'll find information on the campaign/platform I run dedicated to bullying, self-esteem, anxiety and body confidence.

I understand what you're going through and I know you are probably thinking “everyone says that!” but I genuinely do. I am only 21 so I'm not a teacher or politician who is trying to cut down on bullying. You know as well as I do how mean people can be and unfortunately it's extremely difficult to stamp out bullying altogether.

The only thing WE can change is how we let it affect us and how we deal with it. The problem here is with the bully, not you. The bully doesn't have anything personally against you, their just so bored with their own lives and like to feel powerful for the 5 minutes their bullying you. Trust me, in a little while (and I mean a little while, it will stop soon) the bully will get fed up of you and move onto someone else. I'll tell you when the bully likes to keep bullying you...when you LET the bully have an impact on your life. There's never a correct way to deal with bullying as each bully is different, so I will not tell you to confront the bully and I will not tell you to hide away either but what I will tell you is to tell someone. Even if it's me. If you've read the link I put above here, you'll understand that the whole reason I started this campaign/platform was to provide a different sort of support that I haven't seen anywhere else. I'm not a parent or a teacher or anyone in authority so to you, I am a friend.

On this blog, I will be writing lots of helpful posts (there's quite a few up already) on how to deal with bullying and I've posted a lot of interviews with bloggers who are people JUST like you, same age, same experiences, everything! They've spoken about their experiences and how they dealt with it, so I hope that's helpful to you! Please check the link above and I hope you feel better knowing you have support and a friendly face to talk to if you want to tell me about your problems, experiences, want advice or just want to rant! A problem shared is a problem halved!

Feeling left out?

Okay, moving on. Now we have “feeling left out”. So, you have a couple of friends or even a large group of friends and it feels as lonely as it would if you had none? Don't worry, we've all been there! I can't give you some trick that will instantly make you feel included but be assured that it's not your problem. You're not doing anything wrong. So what if they're all going over each other's house that day and didn't invite you? The likelihood in this situation is that you probably don't have a lot in common with these people anyway so why would you want to spend time with them outside of school? The best thing you can do is just count yourself lucky that you don't have to hang around with people who don't give much thought for your feelings. Yes, stay friends with them if you feel like it's better than not being friends with them, but just be wise and be cautious!

A little tip I do have for you though is:

Find something you love to do, whether it be swimming or reading or for me it's blogging and I also love trying new makeup, hairstyles, clothes etc. As long as you love doing whatever it is you've chosen, stick to it and be really, really good at it or at least be the best you can be. While everyone else is off over someone else's house or whatever, you're bettering yourself and that's something they can't take away from you. Who knows, maybe your hobby may turn into your career when you finally leave school and you'll be glad you weren't upset over feeling left out!

Again, if you want to talk about anything, the link above gives you all the details and I'll also be adding all of my contact links at the bottom of this post!

Dreaded school work...

You think of school as a prison where teachers are making you learn about things you know you'll never need in later life, and probably some of what you learn you won't! But that's the beauty of it, it's better to have general knowledge of all little things, than loads of knowledge on one main thing. You might know for certain what you want to do when you leave school (I know you're probably not thinking along those lines right now) and that's fine but if you're anything like me who changed their idea of a career about 100 times, it's best to keep your options open! If you're struggling with whatever you're learning about, ASK for help when you go back in September. Make it your new challenge to understand something you can't get to grips with. For me, I never could quite understand Simultaneous Equations in Maths. I went through months of getting answers wrong and tests wrong and I finally decided enough was enough and I finally asked for help. I had to stay in one lunch time for my teacher to explain it to me, but it was something I was glad to give up to have that feeling of accomplishment when I went home that day. Make a list of all the little things you've struggled with in your school work this year and imagine that feeling of accomplishment when you tick them off after you've learnt and understood them!

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I hope this blog post helps you and remember, I am here to help! Please feel free to contact me on the links I will post below about anything you want to talk about, even if it's just for a chat!

Twitter: @ChloesConcept

Enjoy your summer and take care!

Chloe x

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