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Anxiety Q&A with Cez Franc!

Hey Cez! Tell me a bit about yourself!

Hey, I am 14 years old and i'm from the UK. I am a completely obsessed with make-up, nails, music, books and life in general. I also feel very strongly towards the subject of bullying and growing up, especially depression and anxiety/confidence as i've got through some personal issues myself. Also, I think that the media needs help to see what really is going on in society and feel as tough if many people help we could sort these problems out. Other than that, my two main hobbies are to write my blog and play music instruments such as guitar, ukulele and piano. 

What do you blog about?

After a long time of wanting to I have only just started my blog. My blog is based on everything I feel passionate about and it also represents how i have been inspired by blogs I have read for a very long time. I suppose, the main subject that will be wrote about on my blog is beauty, make-up and hair but it will always be a bit mix and match with posts from music, books, lifestyle quotes and random bits. The main purpose of my blog however is to try and make people happy and enjoy reading my posts and on top of that it makes me really happy and excited to write every post as it distracts me from problems and lets me be myself and relax for a short while.

What inspires you in life?

I am quite a simple person when it comes to my inspirations in life as I'm really old fashioned. I know we all have them really chaotic dreams when you can perform your music live and record an album but even though that would be insane, I think for me i would stick to a life where I am happy. For people who know me, they know that i really just would like to move from where I am from, maybe south, Brighton seems like perfection, and to be able to live a life full of happiness and excitement. I really like to travel and would love to find someone who i can share everything with and to have a good time with travelling and seeing all the wonders of the incredible work. As sad as this may sound, I would just love to have a really loving family and to meet new people and have a life that I enjoy. As for inspirations that I love now, it is definitely music that helps me get through everything and lets me express myself. Jobs wise I would love to be a guitar tech, maybe even travel with it or maybe this blog/in the industry, which would be amazing as it would then be my hobby turn into a job, or I would be satisfied with a job that can keep me going.

That sounds awesome! So what keeps you motivated?

As I have already mentioned, music keeps me going. As cliche as that sounds, I find that I have a passion for it and can express my self through it or listening to it. The presence of music makes me so happy and motivated to see what lies ahead in the future for me and my love for music. As well as the music itself, I love the whole package including seeing artists or musicals live. There is nothing that gives me more of a buzz than seeing/listening to music live with the show and atmosphere its just insane and its now just part of who I am. While i'm on the subject I have tickets to see Robbie Williams on the 30th June, and Ed Sheeran on the 28th October, which increasing helps me keep motivated as I know I have something to look forward to and focus on.

It's always great to have something to look forward to, it helps to keep you positive and happy! On the subject of positivity, what is your proudest achievement either in life or the blogging world?

I think my proudest achievement is the fact that I found a passion of music and fell in love with it. I am proud to say that i can play guitar, ukulele and keyboard as I don't always stick to my word on tying to motivate myself so being able to do it really makes me happy. The result is even better as it means as well as listening/watching i passion i can also listen to it.

In the blogging world I think my proudest achievement is just the fact that I have actually begun my blog, Florezz, as its been on the cards for a very long time but I have been to afraid to start one, but now I have I feel as though i've got myself back and made a dream a reality.

Sometimes actually starting something is the hardest part! Can you tell me what your experience with Anxiety/Confidence issues are?

My experiences still lead up to this day and I have been struggling with it for a little while now. I have always been a shy and content person when it comes to socializing and doing things out of my comfort zone but it soon began to be alot more.

I wasn't really sure at the time that i was really going through all of this as I felt very confused and wondered why I couldn't do certain things. I didn't actually realize until this year that I had been struggling with anxiety. When it comes to confidence issues, I've always been the shy one that doesn't like any fuss over them and sometimes just wants to be alone.

Back to anxiety, I wasn't really sure what it was even though i was going through it and then when I watched Zoella's video and blog post on it, I then realized what I was really going through. I started to realize that I had lied to by best friend because I didn't want to go out or said I felt ill to avoid going out. I was really scared to go to certain places and see certain people as I felt vulnerable and didn't want anything to happen to me when I was out.

How has it changed your life?

It changed my life immensely even if I wasn't sure why. I am a person that likes to stay indoors and scroll the internet for 24 hrs refreshing the page every few minutes. However I did notice a change within myself that was even more scared and all in all alot more low that I had been in a long time and soon some people started to notice it.

It has changed my life in many different ways as I've done things to myself that I never though I would do and I'm still not fully over it all and don't think there is a real cure to it all other than yourself. I still do struggle with with going to places, seeing some people and what people think of me but I hope soon that I will start to turn back to my old self again.

How are you coping with it?

I didn't really tell anyone about it and still now only a few people know about it. But, when I told the first person about what I'm going through I felt as though a massive weight was taken off my shoulder which all in all I was quite shocked about as I don't like to feelings or to be made a fuss of but I'm so happy I did as it helped me so much through out this process and couldn't thank them for what they have done to help me.

As I said I do still struggle with it and even though I do think telling someone gives a weight of your shoulder but I feel as though for me, not everyone, I need to help myself get through this and continue my battle and struggle with it.

Do you feel like the media are doing enough to help people who suffer from Anxiety?

In my opinion I feel as though the view on society has exploded and if you go on to places such as social media most posts are about how people feel towards it. In my opinion I would never write a status expressing what i struggle with and how I feel because many people are constantly writing status and although for some it might help them, for me it just makes things worse. I want to be able to forget about pressure and hurt of it all but every time I log on I always see some type status or moaning about it which just drags on way to much.

In the media I feel as though many people look down on it as a lot of celebrities/campaigns or people try to help/raise the issue that affect many people but as the media normally does, twists everything and complains about a lot to do with society and young people, that sometimes all the status trigger.

I feel as though campaigns like these are great as it shows the real side to the story and helps people going through tough times and lets people express their true feelings.

What are your top tips for anyone living with Anxiety?

I think you have to look at the life you have and the life you wish you had and just say yes to everything in that list. I know many people say this and at the start you don't feel as though its helping or giving you motivation but in time it really would help.

You need to speak to someone about it as it might not make anything change hugely but it will sure take a weight off your shoulder and know that someone is their beside you, routing for you.

Try to keep positive and think about all the amazing things you have done in your life that makes you happy whether they are either big or small.

To be positive is sometimes hard but to help yourself get through things, to go places or do things you are scared of, you need to have an open, positive mind.

Do what makes you happy. It always helps.. And Just Say YES, it will work!

Thank you so much for taking part in this Q&A on Anxiety! I hope this helps whoever is going through a similar situation to you! 

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