Thursday 15 May 2014

Hi! My name is Chloe, welcome to my blog!

I have huge plans for this blog! I set up this blog to read and post reviews, tips and tricks on everything from beauty and fashion to even interior BUT my main intention for this blog is to run a campaign and provide a platform for bullying victims, people with low self-esteem and low body confidence. For a few years I have been reading blogs on topics such as makeup, hair, fashion, interior and lifestyle and so I decided to set up this blog because just like a lot of people out there with blogs of their own, they have a passion for it and I enjoy trying new products and different styles!

I'm 21, from the UK and in university, I study Media and Communications with a passion for the PR industry including Digital Media. I believe so strongly in the power it holds and I wanted to apply my knowledge of it and put it to good use. Something that has always been an important topic to me is bullying/self-esteem/low confidence. I feel that these are common issues that are not dealt with correctly and efficiently. I want to utilise this blog not only for beauty and fashion reviews, tips and tricks I've learnt along the years, but for a place people can come and feel at home and safe.

I want this blog to be somewhere people come straight to when they start to feel down or alone, even if you just want to have a look at the other sections of my blog to get your mind off of things, that's fine too. I feel that there is so much pressure to fit in, be perfect, look a certain way and be a certain size that it is just clouding people's minds to the extent where obviously they are going to feel inferior and that puts even MORE pressure on people! It is a vicious circle and nothing is being done about it. I understand it isn't as easy as saying all of this and solving everyone's problems but even if this blog helps one person, I'll be happy!

I want this little space of the internet to be a tool individuals can use to come and get advice, share their problems (remember, a problem shared is a problem halved!), build their confidence, increase motivation and get inspired.On my blog you'll find a mixture of anything and everything so if suffer from any of these issues but you feel like you want something to take your mind off of it for an hour or two, you can look at any of my other posts which I hope you enjoy!

The internet is such powerful tool and IF used correctly, it can be amazing. There's so much negativity all over the internet, magazines, TV shows etc in regards to how you should look and this needs to be stopped before it goes too far.

My blog & campaign are here to empower anyone who visits and to stop them from feeling like they are in this alone. If you want to talk about anything, ask advice or just want to vent, you can always catch me on Twitter, by email or on my Tumblr blog I have set up specifically for the "Ask" feature. 

If you want to ask anonymously that's fine, and there's also a way I can reply to your question without it being made public, so that's fine too! My links to all those features are below:

Twitter: @ChloesConcept

Thanks for visiting my blog and come again soon!!

Chloe :)

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  1. This is such a brilliant campaign, would love to support in any way I can :) I'm also a T1D and passionate about these issues! I have done quite a bit of mental health advocacy over on my blog, so was so excited when I found yours! x