Sunday 18 May 2014

REVIEW: Make Up For Ever HD foundation!

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Today I'm going to be talking about Make Up For Ever's High Definition foundation, as you probably guessed by the title!

Unfortunately, being from the UK, I can't get this brand anywhere but when I go on holiday to America! When I went to Florida in September of last year, I decided to put a few (more than a few) dollars to the side to spend in the Sephora store in the Florida Mall. It was a choice between this foundation and the Nars Sheer Glow, but I loved the reviews the HD foundation was getting, so I definitely had to try it.

I always go for a shade or two darker than my actual skin colour in the winter because I'm extremely pale, so I like to warm up my colour a bit. I do ensure I blend into my neck to make sure there are no lines! 

I have more dry skin than oily so I much prefer a satin/dewy finish on all of my foundations and this HD foundation definitely prides itself on that front! The finish isn't too dewy where it looks like your face is greasy, but it still gives that lovely satin finish to make your makeup look glowing and fresh.

The shades and tones are great and cater for a wide range so that is a definite plus! The lady who works in Sephora took me outside to make sure the foundation matched correctly, even though I explained to her I wanted it a shade or so darker. As it is called a HD foundation, it claims to be invisible to a camera lens to make your skin look flawless in real life and on camera. It also claims itself to be medium to full coverage however I would definitely say it was more of a medium coverage, ALTHOUGH I have some facial redness, therefore unfortunately, no foundations give me complete full coverage unless I apply a good few layers.

The price was more than I wanted to pay at $45 BUT it does have great staying power and stays dewy all day long. It has 30ml so pretty standard for the majority of foundations around! 

With all things said, I really like this foundation and I am now running out (sadly) so I hope I can get back to America before I completely get to the end of the bottle (which by the way has a pump - I much prefer when foundations have a pump!). 

I like to apply all of my foundations with a beauty blender, so if that's what you like to do too then this is definitely a good foundation to work with! 

If you have any further questions or if you'd like to share your opinions on this foundation then by all means, please leave your comments OR get in touch by tweeting me on @chloesconcept!

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