Tuesday 27 May 2014

My Top Drugstore Beauty Must Haves!


I hope you enjoy my must have drugstore beauty products!!

Whilst I do love high end products (who doesn't?) I can't help but stick to drugstore products! Not just because they are much more affordable, but because they are great buys!

This post is going to be my top beauty must haves; products that I use on a daily basis and they are ALL drugstore products!

I have tried to pick two of the same product, but different brands to give you a bit more variation but I will mention which are my favourites!


Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation - I absolutely love this product! I love the colour range they have as I like to mix foundations and I love shade 52 and 53. If they are a little bit dark, I'll mix a bit of 51 in there too! I cannot count the amount of times I have repurchased this product. I love how it is compared to Chanel foundations because the owner is actually Chanel! The price is usually £9.99 which isn't too bad as the foundation is amazing. It is a medium coverage but definitely build-able to a full coverage without leaving a cakey or thick look as it has a satin finish. Probably not great for oily skin as it does leave a subtle dewy finish to the skin, but as I have more dry skin, I think this product is great. As you can tell, I can't rave enough about it, so I highly recommend this product! It's been a staple foundation of mine for a very long time and I can't see that changing for awhile!

Rimmel 25 hour foundation: I do love this product and I always find myself repurchasing it much like the Bourjois Healthy Mix! As I have a bit of facial redness, I use this as a base to cover up the stronger pigments on my face and it does the job well! It varies in price and I have seen myself picking it up for £4.98 in some places but does range up to about £7.99. When it is £7.99 I will probably wait until it comes down in price, with the knowledge that if I hang on for awhile, I'll get it cheaper! The colour range is great and I would say it is a medium to full coverage but I would start with a little amount and work it up rather than go straight in with a lot of it! I can't say it stays on for 25 hours as it claims, but it does stay on for a good length of time!


Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer: I along with the majority of people who have reviewed this product, only have great things to say about it! I love this product for my contouring and highlighting process! I always buy the shade Fair and even though it is quite light, it makes a perfect highlighter! It has a lovely creamy, thick (but in a good way) consistency and has extremely long staying power! The price is usually £4.19 which I am happy to pay as it such a good concealer!

Revlon PhotoReady concealer: This product has a lovely satin effect on the skin! I think I bought the lightest shade to try highlighting with it but it wasn't quite light enough for me. It also isn't as highly pigmented as the Collection concealer so I found myself having to put quite a lot on to get it to work! It has quite a natural finish though which is great for days you don't feel like doing the whole contouring and highlighting process! I think it was about £6.49 which isn't a bad price at all but I do prefer the Collection concealer!


I have only one favourite highlighter and that is NYC's eyeshadow in the colour 917. Only a little bit is needed because it is highly pigmented! I used to use MUA's eyeshadow in Pearl 1 (I think it was called) but I think they've discontinued it unfortunately! This NYC eyeshadow is only £1.79 which is amazing for the pigmentation it has!


Here, I have no favourites as I love them both the same and here's why:

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hour Foundation I love this primer! I think it is better suited to drier skin, which is what I have, so I can't really give my opinion for oilier skin! It definitely keeps my makeup put throughout the day and even when I'm washing my makeup off, it is still somewhat in tact which is great! This primer is usually about £6.99 but I like to wait until there's a promotion on in Superdrug or Boots, which comes around quite often!

Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer – I was recently bought this primer for my birthday and I love it! I love how it acts as a sort of glue so it makes your makeup stay put! I can't choose between this or the Rimmel so I'm gonna have to say I can't pick a favourite! This primer has only recently came on the market but I really do love it!


Okay, here I have one eye liner and one liquid eye liner, so there are no comparisons, I love them both equally and here's why:

Collection Eye Definer: I find this eye liner so easy to put on, its not rough on my water line and stays on for a long time! The price is £2.79 which I think is a fair price! I like to use brown instead of black because for my skintone, brown is less severe. I also like to smudge the eye liner once it is on as it makes it less harsh and gives it a softer look!

Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner: This is my favourite liquid eye liner as it has a felt tip nib which allows a more precise application and the best thing about it is that you don't have to wait for it to dry as it dries instantly! The price is £2.99 which I am happy to pay as it lasts a very long time, which is another plus!


Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder : I love this bronzer, I think it has such a lovely natural colour without many shimmers which can have an unnatural effect on your makeup! This has been my favourite bronzer for awhile but sometimes I still struggle when it comes to blending as it can sometimes leave a muddy effect, but if you have time to be precise then I don't think you can go wrong with this bronzer! The price is £7.99 which is quite good for a brand as good as Bourjois!

SEVENTEEN Instant Glow tan Cream Bronzer: This is a recent purchase of mine and I cannot stop singing its praises! It is a cream bronzer which I was a little bit dubious of when I was purchasing but I am so glad I did! I apply this after I have set my foundation and concealer with a powder, I apply it with a damp beauty blender (same as how I apply all of my face makeup) and it gives it such a natural and glowing look and it only takes a minute to apply! I seriously recommend this! The price is only £4.99 which I find amazing value!

On the top of my hand is the NYC highlighter,

Left is the cream bronzer from SEVENTEEN,
Middle is Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation,
Right is Collection concealer.

Hope you all enjoyed this post and that it was helpful! Let me know what you think of these products if you have tried them or if you have any drugstore products you love!

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