Thursday 15 May 2014


I've been looking for a high end foundation for awhile since I'm coming to the end of my Make Up Forever HD foundation, which I'll also be doing a review on soon as I absolutely love it! I do love drug store makeup products because so many of the brands are actually owned by high end brands, for example my favourite drug store foundation brand Bourjois is actually owned by Chanel, but every now and again I like to treat myself to a special product and luckily for me, I had the MAC Pro Longwear foundation for my 21st birthday as one of my presents from my parents!

Okay so let's get started...

I really like this product! As a medium to a buildable high coverage foundation, it's one of my favourites! It is definitely long wearing for me as long as I prep and prime my face with my Simple rich moisturiser and one of my favourite primers - either Rimmel's Fix and Perfect Pro Primer, Max Factor's Facefinity All Day Primer or if you can stretch your budget a bit, the Philosophy 'The Present' primer is awesome! If you'd like a review on all of my favourite primers and which works best for what skin type, let me know!

Moving on... As I said, it stays put. It may, like every other foundation, move a little bit throughout the day but on the whole, it is a great foundation and the colours are really nice. I tried the MAC Studio Sculpt before I bought this one, but the colour shades did not match my skin tone at all unfortunately, otherwise I think that would have been an awesome foundation too.

The price isn't too bad for a high end foundation at £25 from MAC shops but I think Debenhams may be selling it for £22.50. I would say it is worth this price though, even though it is still quite expensive! I don't really like buying high end products in anything else but foundation because I just think foundation is worth that little bit more because of the long wearing factor but products for eyes and lips, I always buy from drug stores!

Don't forget to set it with a powder to ensure it stays put all day, especially if you have oily skin!

Hope this helps! Any questions, drop them in the comment box or tweet me at @chloesconcept

If you want any reviews on any other products, please let me know! I'll probably be doing more reviews on bronzers, setting powders and concealers soon but if you'd like anything else, let me know!

Chloe :-)

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