Thursday 15 May 2014

REVIEW: Nourkrin Woman

I've always had very long hair but I always tied it up in buns and hardly ever left it down because it was flat and bone straight and I just preferred it up! However, I'd say about summer 2012 I started leaving it down more and backcombing and curling it quite a lot, more and more each week. I'm ashamed to say I didn't hardly ever put heat protector on my hair and so that along with backcombing deteriorated the condition of my hair dramatically...and fast. My hair went from being near to the bottom of my back to being between my shoulders and elbows. Now, this may seem still pretty long and you're right, it is BUT my hair split so, so badly that my hair was all different lengths and no matter how much moisture I put on it, it was always incredibly dry and brittle with the split ends highly noticeable...I hated this because obviously I've always had long, healthy hair so it was a bit of a shock! I couldn't find a way to get my hair back to its original condition as everything I was doing to it kept breaking and damaging it further!

Finally, I cut out backcombing it and using heat on it all together but I decided it needed an extra boost... Enter: Nourkrin Woman.

Nourkrin Woman is a food supplement you take twice a day; morning and evening with food. You can get either a box containing 1 month supply of 60 tablets for around £50, 3 months supply of 180 tablets for between £70-£80 depending on where you purchase them, 6 months supply of 360 tablets for around £180 or 12 months supply of 720 tablets for around £300. I purchased the 1 month supply for £41 from Holland and Barretts as they had a promotion on, so keep checking different websites as prices vary!

The product claims to prevent hair loss and strengthen the hair you already have. I feel although I didn't exactly have any hair loss, my hair was extremely badly damaged so I wanted to try this product to see if its claim of strengthening the hair you already have, actually worked.

My verdict: I really like this product. I think its helping my hair restore itself to its original condition by feeding it the nutrients it needs to rebuild itself. Although I have only purchased the 1 month supply to see whether I liked it or not, I will definitely be purchasing another box, possibly the 3 month supply! I advise this product to anyone who's hair isn't growing at a normal rate and needs that push to get the hair to start growing again!

Below, I've listed the nutritional ingredients based on a serving size of 2 tablets per day:

Marilex (extract protein compound of marine origin): 600 mg per serving
Acerola cherry extract: 200 mg per serving
Silica: 60 mg per serving
Horsetail extract: 50 mg per serving
D-biotin: 180 µg

Obviously, if you are interested in buying this product, do check the information on the product's box to ensure this type of product is what you're looking for!

If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below or tweet me at @chloesconcept and I'll get back to you!

As always, this is just my opinion, it may work differently for others!

Thanks for reading!!

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