Tuesday 20 May 2014

Transform tired, old beside tablets into something unique & spectacular!


Today I'm bringing you a simple, cheap yet effective way to modify and customise your old bedside tables!

Okay so here are my own newly transformed bedside tables which I love: 

Here's how to DIY:

Firstly, sand back the bedside tables with a fine grade sandpaper, until it feels slightly rough (as you want to get some of the shine off it - they call this giving it a key!)

Then you want to wipe off all of the residue with a dry cloth and roller on MDF primer. Let this dry and then you are ready to apply your favourite colour! There are a wide variety in emulsion paints which would be great on surfaces like this!

Apply your emulsion with a mini roller as a paint brush will leave brush strokes and can get a bit patchy!

So, now that it is all dried out and you are happy with the colour, you'll want to apply a matt varnish to keep the paint from scuffing or chipping! 

When this is dry, you are ready to decorate and customise your bedside table!

For this part, I used crystal knobs for a glamorous finish, and also bought a pack of stick on crystals which are affordable and effective as I bought mine for I think it was 99p for a packet of 20 from a craft/gift shop!

Finally, as a finishing touch, I measured the top of the bedside table and order mirrored glass which would be cut to size and had the edges polished so there are no sharp edges!! This step was also inexpensive, costing only £10 per piece of mirrored glass and it gives such a dramatic, glamorous effect! 

So there you have it! I hope you liked this! Why don't you give it a go and tweet me pictures of the finished product - @chloesconcept!

Chloe x

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