Thursday 16 October 2014


Hi everyone!

So as you may or may not be aware, my blog was set up primarily to provide a place for people who are going through anything that worries or upsets them or even if they just want to talk to someone about something and to come and feel safe, they can do so here. My campaign 'Take Back What's Yours' started officially in June and in the meantime I've covered topics such as bullying, anxiety, self-esteem, low confidence, motivation and diabetes.

So far, my campaign journey has led me to conduct interviews on bullying and self-esteem with Lucy Kay who came runner up on this year's Britain's Got Talent, interviews with bullying organisations and foundations, blogger interviews and also featuring guest posts from bloggers who have also had firsthand experiences with issues on all topics mentioned above.

As well as this, I also regularly post on all of the topics I've mentioned. I post about my own experiences and any advice & motivation to help empower you to believe you don't have to stand for what you have been standing for. I've named my campaign 'Take Back What's Yours' because I want everyone to believe you can take back what's yours and live the life you're entitled to, no matter what a bully says and no matter what anxiety, self-esteem, low confidence, diabetes or any other mental health or medical problem tries to hinder you from believing.

Currently I'm working on ways in which I can organise events which will bring everyone involved in my campaign together so we can all socialise, get to know each other and build a community so we know that whatever you're going through, there will be people there who are going through the exact same thing.

Being a university student in my final year, I have low source of funding so it's obviously difficult to provide everything a campaign should have, but I'm sure you'll find lots of posts on my blog which will motivate and empower you, which is one of my main goals of this campaign! I've been doing lots of research on turning this into a nonprofit organisation so will bring you news as soon as I know something for sure!

I'd like to make a little plea here to any brands who would like to get involved as sponsors of my campaign - please get in touch if this is something you would be interested in! My email is!

I'm really, really excited about this campaign. I've done lots of planning, lots of research and dedicated a lot of time to this so I'm determined to keep going with it as the feedback I've had has made it all worthwhile and that in itself motivates me, knowing that it is helping people.

I thought I'd use this post as a little update for you to know what's been going on and to keep you informed as you've all been so great with supporting me!

If you'd be interested in a meet up event like the one I spoke about above, please let me know by tweeting me @ChloesConcept!

Additionally, if you want to be involved in my campaign (the more the merrier!) please do get in touch with me and we can discuss in which ways you can get involved!!

Thank you for reading!!

Get in touch! 

Twitter: @ChloesConcept


Chloe x

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  1. This sounds like an amazing campaign and I applaud you for what your doing! I would love to get involved as an individual how could I help? I'm at :)
    Becky x