Friday 17 October 2014


As winter is rapidly approaching and those icy, biting nights are drawing in, we all need that coat that will see us through this frosty season!

I have a bought a few coats recently (I just love winter coats!) which my purse isn't exactly thrilled about but everyone needs a good quality coat and that's my excuse... good enough, right?

I'll be doing a couple of these posts showing you my recent winter coat buys and some of them, including this one below, had discounts on them and that is why I'm showing you them so even if you don't like the exact coats I'm posting, you can have a look at the shop that's offering these deals and see if there's something else you like!

I was extremely excited about buying this green parka because years ago I had a coat from Red Herring which looked exactly like this! I loved it so much but over time it obviously worn and got a bit worse for wear! I clung onto it for dear life but eventually had to give it up a couple of months ago when I was moving house and clearing my wardrobe.

 This coat is from Peacocks and cost £45. I think this is a great price for a high quality parka with faux fur around the hood. Many times I see parkas which have either too little faux fur, which can make it look a little cheap or too much faux fur which can give it that O.T.T look but I think this coat has the right amount! It's probably me just being fussy and my OCD talking but there you go!

The fantastic deal I had on this coat was 10% student discount from Peacocks but there was also there was an additional promotion on so I had this 'perfectly fit for winter' parka for £36!

This is why I love winter outfits and why winter is one of my favourite seasons to dress for. I love wrapping up warm with a cozy, patterned (usually some form of tartan) scarf and winter boots! If you haven't seen my 'Transitioning to Winter Wear' footwear post, you should check that out!

PS! Sorry if the lighting is a bit dodgy in these pictures, the sun kept going in and out!

Keep an eye out for my next post on the perfect winter coat! 

Have you bought any winter outfits yet or are you still clinging onto what little mild weather we have left?

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