Saturday 11 October 2014


If you're anything like me, tinted moisturisers just never work on me. I've mentioned in a couple of posts before, my face is quite pink, I don't think it's rosacea and I've tried endless amounts of creams, gels, tablets - you name it, I've tried it, so if anyone has any suggestions to get rid of that, I'd love to hear them.

As I was saying, along with having quite pigmented skin, I feel extremely self conscious if I don't have makeup on, so I tend to wear a full face every day (I'm not talking false eyelashes and the whole Kim Kardashian contour process - although I do like a good contour!) I mean just making sure I have a great foundation with good coverage and long lasting power. Whenever I've tried tinted moisturisers in the past, with the intention of "Yes, finally I don't have to put my usual amount of makeup on every single day" but results in me thinking "When will I learn, tinted moisturisers just don't work with my skin!" so when I debated on buying the Sonia Kashuk Tinted Moisturiser, the only thing that swayed me was how much I like Sonia Kashuk products in general so I thought that was a good enough reason as any! 

It cost me roughly $13 which is at the top end of my drugstore product budget however, again because I love Sonia Kashuk products, I was quite easily swayed! Side note: if you're looking for a new makeup brand to try, try this one because she makes amazing quality products - especially her Illuminiser Foundation which I've got a post on here and her Undetectable Cream Bronzer which I have a post on here! Anyways, getting back to what I was saying - the price was quite a hike but it is most definitely worth it. If you manage to purchase it from the UK (I stock up when I go to Florida!) then $13 is approximately £8 depending on the exchange rate. 

The colour I bought was "Beige" as I was on holiday at the time and my face was quite freckly and tanned, unlike the rest of me, so I always find it quite difficult to get a shade that matches my face and the rest of my body. If you're fair/medium skin tone then this will be a great shade for you, obviously test it first if you can just to make sure! Also, even though it's a tinted moisturiser and the concept of it is supposed to be a very thin, light consistency, I'd definitely say you can manipulate this one. Keep it light with one layer for a fresh look or double it up with a couple of layers to give more of a medium but still fresh and flawless finish! 

Another great plus about this product is that it goes against the usual 30ml foundations - this product has nearly 52ml which I think makes up for the price! Therefore I rate this one 9/10. The extra mark could have been achieved if it was a tiny bit cheaper but like I said, the 52ml gives it that extra advantage!

Have you tried this product? Do you have any tinted moisturisers that you recommend? Let me know!

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  1. I like tinted products, they add nice glow. Good review, Chloe!
    Min x