Tuesday 7 October 2014

Transitioning To Winter Wear - Winter '14

So winter is most definitely upon us. Have you noticed how bitter it's getting lately? Especially first thing in the morning and late at night.

Part of me hates the thought of dark, freezing mornings, getting ready with the light on in my room but another part of me loves the thought of late night Christmas shopping and Costa's Black Forest hot chocolate to warm me up. Another reason I look forward to the winter season is because where there is the cold, biting weather there's always a cosy, stylish winter coat to wear. I also have an obsession with scarves (I have a scary amount of them), thick black tights and winter boots.

On the topic of winter boots, I find it difficult to go from autumn footware to winter. As autumn sort of merged with summer this year (in the UK) and we kind of went from summer, straight into winter, I've been managing to just about get away with still wearing dolly shoes and of course my loyal converses. However, now it is far too cold to get away with dollies (as I learned yesterday when I went out wearing dollies and felt the consequences not long after - I couldn't wait to swap them for some fluffy socks!) so I'm trying to find a way to incorporate boots into my outfits without them being too "wintery". That's where these boots come in:

I bought these boots from Forever 21 when I went to America over the summer and I completely love them. I feel that ankle boots are a great way to ease yourself into wearing more of an acceptable shoe for winter without looking like you're gearing up for an outing in the Antarctic.

As well as them being ankle boots, the colour isn't dark, as you can see (obviously) so you don't immediately link wearing dark boots with being in the dead of winter. As they are a light fawn/tan (but not orange!) boot, you can easily get away with wearing these on milder days as well as when it does turn to that icy weather we all love (not!).

I think I paid about $24 which is about £15/16 depending on the exchange rate at the moment so I think these are a great bargain!

As you can see I've got jeans on with them here but I can't wait to wear them with thick black tights too!

Let me know what you think and what type of boots you love to wear in the milder winter weather!

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