Tuesday 28 October 2014


I usually love a good sturdy purse but I've come to realise I end up filling it with loads of junk, like receipts and generally things I don't need to carry with me on a daily basis. I also hate talking all of my cards with me everywhere I go in case I lose them so when I go to university, I usually take a different purse than when I'm going into town shopping or whatever.

Currently I'm using the white and black stripe purse as my uni purse but the one I take everywhere else, with my cards in it, recently broke so I thought I'd take a trip to Primark to see what others they had to offer as I love the stripe one so much! The stripe on this reminds me of a Chanel purse... it must be because of the stripes and also the fact that it's round. To me it looks more expensive than a Primark purse, which I love! I think this one was about £2 but I can't be certain, it was very inexpensive anyways!

While I was at Primark, I found this polka dot cream and black purse with a little black bow on it. I think it was £4 so for a sturdy purse like this one, I think that's a great price. It has two compartments - one for change and the other for cards so that's perfect for me as there's nothing worse than when you've got everything going on inside your purse and you drop money out when you're scrambling looking for a certain card or note. 

Finally, when I saw this last purse which is a stone grey colour with what looks like a Koala on it, I had to buy it. I didn't need it but I couldn't leave it there! I just think it's a really cute purse which will come in handy if you're only taking some notes or change out with you that day! This was so inexpensive at only £2!

What do you think of these purses?

Thanks for reading!

Chloe x

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  1. I have the wash bag for the bow purse, and love it. It's so roomy with compartments. A bargain at just £4.00 x

    Kate | A British Sparkle