Tuesday 28 October 2014


Today's topic is all about monetising your blog by accepting advertising! This can be a daunting thought as there's often quite a lot of confusion surrounding the topic. For example, a common question is "how do I advertise on my blog?" or "how can I turn my hobby into my full-time job?" 

Well, let me introduce you to Adlet.

Adlet is a UK ad based platform which provides a service to bloggers and businesses to allow advertising on their blogs and websites or allow them to put an ad on someone else's site to advertise their blog or business.

It's actually really simple to set up and it doesn't cost you a penny, which is awesome. Unlike other sites that provide this sort of service, for example Passionfruit, Google Ads and many more, Adlet doesn't charge a thing for creating your account, nor does it keep you to a contract so you have total freedom. 

You also have total freedom in what ads you allow on your blog/website whereas other sites don't tend to give you the option to choose whether you approve them or not. This is great because you don't necessarily want an advert on your blog that doesn't fit with your blog's theme.

Adlet charges 10% of whatever ad you sell, which is tiny compared to, again, other advertising services. No money comes out of your bank account at all (unless you are paying for an ad to be shown on someone else's site), it is taken before it enters your bank account. For example, if you have a jewellery boutique wanting to advertise their necklaces on your blog and you decide to sell an ad space for £10, Adlet will take 10% of this so £9 will enter your bank account. I know you probably guessed that after the first sentence but it's worth explaining it a bit more just for you to be sure!

When you sign up though, make sure you complete all steps of the process as you'll want to set up your profile on their site so that you're put on their Marketplace which is how brands will find your blog! The installation process is really simple and straightforward and help is always at hand if you ever get stuck or have any questions - you can contact them by email but they also have Twitter!

Do you use Adlet? What do you think? 

Thanks for reading!

Chloe x


  1. I signed up a while ago but only just added some ad spaces! Fingers crossed it works!

    1. Awesome! I've recently sold an ad space on mine so it's really exciting! xx